2020 Guide to Exploring the Great Outdoors in The Palm Beaches

Guide to the Great Outdoors in Palm Beaches Florida

Outdoor activities abound in The Palm Beaches for visitors of every angle, interest and ability. From kayaking through the mangrove forests to private polo lessons, travellers are invited to soak up the Floridian sun and explore the great outdoors.

Set along 47 miles of golden-sand beaches and home to a diverse collection of 39 cities and towns, see a roundup of activities below:

Underwater adventures at 160 dive sites

Snorkeling in Palm Beaches Florida

The Gulf Stream swings closer to the shore along the coastlines of The Palm Beaches than anywhere else in the eastern United States, bringing unique marine life for divers to explore. With more than 160 dive sites, visitors can choose from a range of freediving and cage diving expeditions while being educated on the area’s magnificent creatures, including sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, dolphins and manatees.

Phil Foster Park, located in Riviera Beach, has one of the most popular diving spots for snorkelers and scuba divers in Palm Beach County: The Snorkel Trail. This underwater trail features an 800-foot long tract of artificial reef made up of Anastasia rock boulders. For those looking to stay dry, shark viewing trips allow guests to watch the sharks up close from the boat without getting wet, while educational centres such as Loggerhead Marinelife Center and Manatee Lagoon Center offer educational experiences and on-land viewing opportunities.

Pedal in The Palm Beaches

Couple exploring Palm Beaches by bicycle

What better way to enjoy the sun, fresh air and freedom of The Palm Beaches than by cycling along the many trails and routes across the county? From the Lake Trail on Palm Beach – a paved bike path running nearly six miles along the Intracoastal Waterway where visitors can marvel at the scenery and magnificent mansions, to the Everglades swamplands along scenic birding trails, there are dozens of biking trails to suit all adventurers.

For peddlers looking to have their holiday fun while staying fit at the same time, Palm Beach’s Cycle Party tours are the perfect option. Expertly engineered quadricycles carrying up to 15 passengers take peddlers to various bars and restaurants across West Palm Beach. For more information on how to explore Palm Beaches on a bicycle, click here.

Kayak through the mangroves and look out for alligators

Kayaking in the Palm Beaches Mangroves

For travellers not worried about getting a little wet, enjoy a scenic kayak ride through the mangrove tunnels and crystal-clear lagoons of The Palm Beaches. Perfect for the outdoorsy couple, paddle along the Loxahatchee River at Jupiter’s Riverbend Park and look out for otters, sea turtles and even alligators during a real paddle adventure! Should seaside exploration be desired, there are plenty of options for beachside adventures as well. For more information on kayaking in Palm Beach, click here.

Perfect your swing at Drive Shack, West Palm Beach

Drive Shack in Palm Beaches Florida

Recently opened in October 2019, Drive Shack’s West Palm Beach venue is the golf-entertainment attraction’s second U.S location. Designed for players of all ages and skills, Drive Shack offers visitors exciting augmented reality range games, virtual courses, and state-of-the-art golf equipment for those looking to improve their game. The all-in-one golf and entertainment destination offer three levels of interactive golf gaming with lounge seating, a signature restaurant and bar as well as retro arcade games giving guests the chance to socialise and compete in exciting games and activities on offer.

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