Hästens Partners with Nathalie Schyllert – CEO of Bodyism

Hästens Partners with Nathalie Schyllert - CEO of Bodyism

Leading Swedish bedmaker Hästens has announced a partnership with Nathalie Schyllert – CEO of Bodyism, one of the world’s leading holistic wellness companies.

A model and former ballerina, Nathalie Schyllert is a mother of two who shares Hästens’ belief that a good nights sleep is the key to harmony of body and mind. Together, Nathalie and Hästens hope to educate and encourage – empowering individuals to live well through sleep, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Hästens Partners with Nathalie Schyllert - CEO of Bodyism 2Nathalie Schyllert said: “If I could prioritise one thing outside my family it would be sleep. Whether it is nutrition, exercise or business leadership, a restful night’s sleep enables me to make clear, mindful choices during my waking hours.

Sleep impacts everything we do and as a working mother, juggling a busy schedule and frequent travel, there is nothing more important for my health and wellbeing.

As a Swedish native, I have always been aware of what Hästens stands for. The brand’s ethos is perfectly aligned with my own – putting sustainability, quality and health first in order to lead a happy and productive life. I couldn’t be prouder to partner with Hästens as an ambassador.”

Hästens commented: “Nathalie embodies many of our core values. Her understanding of the link between rest and wellness is inspiring and we consider her a true example of what can be achieved when quality sleep is put first; a hardworking, kind and successful businesswoman who has guided many people on their life journey.”

Hästens will be working with Natalie Schyllert on a series of events and initiatives

Hästens will be working with Natalie on a series of events and initiatives that explore their shared beliefs throughout 2020, which will be announced in the coming months.

For more information on Hästens visit their official website here.

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