The 2021 Guide to Hero Home Beauty Products and Devices

The 2021 Guide to Hero Home Beauty Products and Devices

We may be locked down, but salon closures certainly haven’t stopped us Brits looking good. Panic ensued during the first lockdown, when hair, beauty, and aesthetics appointments had to be put on hold. Nearly a year later, and we’re much better prepared. We can’t get to the salons, so we have brought the salon treatments to our homes. All hail the rise of DIY beauty.

A caveat, before we continue. Some things are just plain stupid to even think about doing yourself. Unless you really, really know what you are doing, then please don’t cut your own hair (I write this as someone who thought a YouTube video and a pair of professional scissors would make me a pro. It didn’t). If it’s a treatment or procedure that, when done in the salon or clinic, requires training and professional qualifications, don’t do it. Think rationally, be sensible, stay safe. Lecture over.

Back to the good bit, and beauty junkies can rejoice about the choice and variety of home-beauty products and devices available. Whilst sales in most market sectors have nose-dived during the pandemic; consumer buying has sky-rocketed in a handful of markets. Between January and October 2020, prestige beauty sales in the UK totalled £491 million, an increase of 38%, compared to the same period in 2019. Unsurprisingly, in their January 2021 Beauty Trends report, Edited cited at-home beauty to be a continuing major trend this year.

With thousands of beauty products and devices to choose from, picking the ones that most meet your needs, and that get results, is no mean feat. But that’s where we can help.

We’ve searched, we’ve tried, we’ve tested, and we have found the holy grail beauty items that will help you come out of lockdown looking your best.

The best for hair

Authentic Beauty Concept Indulging Fluid Oil

Authentic Beauty Concept Indulging Fluid Oil – £31.50
Seal split ends, smooth frizz, and add high-shine; without leaving hair feeling greasy. All Authentic Beauty Concept products are holistic, vegan, and made using purified natural extracts.

Mayraki 3-in-1 Styler Comb

Mayraki 3-in-1 Styler Comb – £65
Suitable for all types and textures of hair, this cutting-edge styling tool features anti-scald technology, heated teeth, and five heat settings. Three-in-one functionality means that it can be used to straighten, create waves, or add volume.

e-Salon Custom Home Hair Colour – £25
Grey hairs and roots begone! Complete a quick and easy questionnaire and submit a photo of your hair, and e-Salon will deliver a custom-made hair colour to your door.

Hur Hair hur.iron slant

Hur Hair hur.iron slant – £149
Quite literally, a new slant on hairstyling. Ergonomically designed to tilt by 30 degrees, hur.iron slant’s floating plates are infused with minerals that leave hair smooth, shiny, and thoroughly protected.

OWOW Keratin Hair Kit

OWOW Keratin Hair Kit – £54.95
OWOW’s formaldehyde-free formula will mean that your hair dries frizz-free for up to three months. Not only is it great at restoring dry hair, but it will also cut your blow-dry time in half.

Easilocks Easi Waver

Easilocks Easi Waver – £89.99
Designed with negative ion technology, to protect hair from becoming dull, dry, or frizzy, the Easi Waver’s S-shaped attachment and interlocking curved plates create beautifully bouncy waves that will last all day.

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