Honda Jazz Crosstar e:HEV Adds Another Member to its Burgeoning Fan Club

Behind the Wheel of the Honda Jazz Crosstar Electric Self Charging Hybrid

The Jazz Crosstar is an e:HEV from Honda, which is a self-charging electric hybrid. It offers superb economy from its duel electric motor and efficient petrol engine and is an ideal family car. Jeremy Webb spent a week driving it and a petrol station didn’t once come into the equation.

We do love cars here at Luxurious Magazine, but we are selective on what we review. Our usual Marques are the more prestigious ones such as Aston Martin, Maserati, Bentley et al. It takes something unusual or unique to get our attention, and the Honda Jazz Crosstar fits this brief. I was intrigued about the Jazz after reading about it and wanted to see if it truly deserved the high praise it has already received?

A big plus for the Jazz Crosstar is the frugal fuel consumption combined with the electric power, giving on average 55 mpg on a combined trip. Honda quotes a full tank which is enough to take me from my home location of Portsmouth to Edinburgh.

As much as I would have loved to have travelled north, the five hundred mile trip would have taken me ten hours, according to my Sat Nav, so I will have to save that visit for when I have more time. But it is an impressive range, and I took advantage of the economy driving the car every day for a week and could not empty the tank.

A rear view of the light blue coloured Crosstar

When considering a family car, there are many factors to assess, fuel economy, size of your family, main use, running costs, colour and your budget available to purchase the vehicle. I threw in colour as it is one issue that can divide opinions and you want to be happy with the car for the time you have it. The other factors speak for themselves; if you have five people in your family and the vehicle will be the primary one, you will want one that can accommodate five along with bits and pieces they will require.

The Crosstar rear seats

Internal space is so important, and the Crosstar has this in spades. Magic seats provide solutions to moving loads of various shapes and sizes. At one point, I had two full cricket kit bags, the players and their refreshments for the game in the car. Yet, there was still room to spare in the Jazz Crosstar. The front two seats also benefit from Anti-Fatigue properties providing plenty of support and comfort.

Driver and front passengers benefit from the wide centre armrest with storage; rear passengers have extra USB ports in the back to ensure everyone can enjoy the journey. The luggage capacity (with rear seats up) starts from 298 litres and goes up to an impressive 1205 litres (rear seats down, to the roof)

The drivers seat position and an overall view of the dashboard

The driving position is superb, with visibility enhanced due to the panoramic windscreen and thinner but immensely strong A-pillars further increase peripheral vision and ensure a more immersive driving feeling.

The drivers screen behind the steering wheel which feeds information such as remaining power etc.

The Jazz Crosstar has a modern dashboard with ergonomically designed controls, soft-touch materials and clear displays. A Honda Connect touchscreen is 9″, allowing everyone to see information clearly. The driver gets a 7″ display to aid them. The all-important Apps we have to have are catered for via Honda Connect, which pairs with a smartphone enabling you to mirror your phone’s contents.

Driving the Honda Jazz Crosstar
The Crosstar is a joy to drive, tackling everything I asked of it nicely. It is a family car, so I didn’t go to Silverstone and blast it around the track. Instead, I took the family out to the New Forest, children to cricket, did the shopping, and yes, I must admit took it on some B-roads to test the handling. It performed well at all tasks with handling capabilities great. The 109 ps engine output is sufficient for its classification enabling easy motorway cruising and smoothness when lumbering in city traffic.

The car being driven on some winding country roads in the UK

The car has three driving modes to get the best efficiency for you whilst also delivering the performance you want.

Electric Drive mode means 100% on electric power, smooth and silent. Generally, it is engaged when accelerating from a standstill or during low-speed cruising, such as flowing traffic in a town below 40 mph. In Hybrid Drive, the petrol engine and electric motor combine for optimum power and economy when putting your foot down to overtake or increase your speed as the limit changes. When you maintain higher speeds above 50 mph, the car enters Engine Drive Mode using the petrol-powered unit.

A closeup view of the gear selector in the car

Final thoughts
After driving the Jazz Crosstar for a week in all types of situations, I can add to the favourable comments it has received from other Journalists. It offers superb value for money and minimal running costs, which is a genuine attraction when looking for a family car or second vehicle. The electric motor combines seamlessly with the ICE power unit to provide plenty of performance when required and the silence and smoothness of pure electricity when driving at under 40 mph.

Honda states that the Jazz Crosstar combines form and function, and I agree that it perfectly blends the two factors. I would seriously consider buying one; it really is that good.

Honda Jazz Crosstar – Where and How?

The Jazz range starts at £19000, with the SE model through to the Crosstar at £23445. The four grade options available are the base SE, then SR, EX and top of the range, the Crosstar EX. For more information, visit

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Honda Jazz Crosstar e:HEV Adds Another Member to its Burgeoning Fan Club 2


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