Hot Hairdryers

Hot Hairdryers

We select the latest high performance electrical stylers that will help put a perfectly polished spring into your step this 2014.

Nicky Clarke Pro AC 2000 Dryer

Head Turning Factor: With an internationally renowned celebrity hairdresser’s name to it, it boasts salon-professional results.

The Science Bit: A dryer with a powerful motor and the expected advanced ceramic technology to protect from drying hair out and to help protect it against damage. The big sell is that you will have shine, shine and more shine. Ionic technology also helps smooth the hair cuticle down and control frizz.

The Settings: Comes with a diffuser for seriously enviable curls, plus the all important concentrator nozzle for a silky, straight and glossy style. It has three heat and two speed settings with cool shot.

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Ko:kou Ionic Turbo Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Head Turning Factor: On first glance, the attractive design packaging and logo catches the eye but there’s more to it upon further inspection.

The Science Bit: Made with a rubber coating for a better grip, this sleek dryer features ionic tourmaline technology for a long lasting, frizz free finish. It also comes with a powerful 200W motor and is low on noise.

The Settings: Three temperature and two speed settings, plus a cold shot. There’s a fantastic wide combing tool called a ‘pik’, which helps to straighten and add masses more volume to your tresses. Perfect for taming down shorter styles too.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hairdryer

Head Turning Factor: This hair hero is causing a huge storm in the hair world with top session stylists using them, including US singer Lana Del Rey’s hairdresser Anna Cofone.

The Science Bit: Light and quiet, it efficiently reduces drying time by up to 30%, whilst its ionic and ceramic systems help to close the hair cuticle. The result? Soft and shiny, volumised locks that look salon professional. This one is our favourite.

Settings & Nozzles: Three heat and two airflow options, plus two super slim nozzles. Also comes in seven colours including white, red, black and blue.

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Remington Silk Cermamic Ionic Professional Hair Dryer

Head Turning Factor: The brand’s most powerful, high performance dryer to date. Again, it intends to reveal a slinky, silky and glossy head of hair.

The Science Bit: This compact gadget has a silk ceramic-coated grill and an ion generator for silk-smooth styling. The powerful AC motor offers fast air velocity for speed drying and contains a high level of ions to gently protect and reduce frizz.

The Settings: Three heat and two speed settings, plus includes a diffuser and narrow concentrator nozzle.

Braun Satin-Hair7 with IONTEC HairDryer

Head Turning Factor: Lustrous, silky, shiny locks and 100% damage free drying. Think of hair that slinks like satin. The science bit: A green ion jet releases millions of satin ions effectively onto your hair to attract moisture particles from the air while drying. The ingenious mesh filter helps avoid hair breakage. The unique Satin ProtectTM system even allows you to cap the temperature at 70°C, whilst keeping the same powerful airflow. The settings: Three heat and two airflow interchangeable settings and an extra cold shot to help finish off your style. Also comes with a diffuser nozzle that reduces the airstream to a soft flow, so you can dry your hair gently for lustrous curls and minimised frizz.

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