How FORESTIS is Embracing Nature and Helping Restore Bodies and Minds

How FORESTIS is Embracing Nature and Helping Restore Bodies and Minds

As the world starts to open up again, many people have reignited their desire to travel, with many wanting to do it responsibly. FORESTIS is a 5* luxury mountain retreat located in the South Tyrolean Alps that is inviting guests to reconnect with nature, with sustainability and wellbeing at its heart.

Nature has become a vital part of many people’s lives. Scientific studies and research have found nature to profoundly affect people’s mental and physical health. However, too many companies and brands worldwide use words such as nature and sustainability as just a marketing ploy.

We’re always keen to publish news and write about places that positively utilise their natural surroundings in the right way, and one of the best examples of this is FORESTIS.

The indoor pool at the resort

From the architecture and interior to the cuisine and spa, guests at FORESTIS can rest assured that their carbon footprint will be very limited while staying at the retreat, whilst enjoying the incredible comforts offered to them.

Inside the Penthouse living room at the resort decked out with sustainable materials

The CO2 neutral FORESTIS building uses 100% renewable energy, produced by the retreat’s own plant and wood heating system, while the exteriors and interiors are created using local South Tyrolean suppliers and eco-friendly materials. Surrounding the retreat are the felled trees which are used as fences, with two new plantings made for each tree used.

A pear dessert prepared by the kitchen

FORESTIS Head Chef Roland Lamprecht, a native of South Tyrol, takes inspiration from his natural surroundings by sourcing only local produce from nearby suppliers and the FORESTIS garden to maintain his passion for organic cuisine.

Head Chef Roland Lamprecht preparing a healthy dish

Roland’s unique ‘Forest Cuisine’ dining experience uses foraged ingredients in the most creative and delicious way, from the spruce sprouts with their subtle citrus notes to the wide variety of local mushrooms and aromatic wild herbs. FORESTIS also maintains a zero plastic, no-waste policy throughout the retreat.

The FORESTIS spa and in-room spa products consist of 100% natural ingredients inspired by the elements and surrounding native trees, using biodegradable packaging. The natural water, produced from the Plose mountain, is recycled within the spa and used to fill non-plastic, refillable bottles for guests.

Guests are actively encouraged to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting their housekeeping requirements. Every day a guest chooses not to use these services, saving excess water and energy, FORESTIS will plant a tree to say thank you.

A view over the penthouse pool

FORESTIS is located on the southern slope of the Plose mountain at 1800 metres above sea level. It is an idyllic mountaintop hideaway and a perfect place to reconnect with nature while surrounded by the four elements of; pure spring water, pristine mountain air, countless hours of sunshine and a mild climate.

The heated outdoor spa pool at sunset

Guests also benefit from the healing nature of the Plose Mountain and surrounding forest air, which contains high oxygen levels.

The retreat features 62 luxury suites, all with panoramic views of the UNESCO world heritage Dolomites. Guests can enjoy an extensive range of year-round wellness packages and curated experiences, including ski-in ski-out winter sports.

An example of the incredible views from one of the suites

Suites at FORESTIS start from 660 euros per night (approx. £551). For more information or to book, visit

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How FORESTIS is Embracing Nature and Helping Restore Bodies and Minds 2


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