How to spend $1,000,000 in 72hrs – Las Vegas

Sky Villa at Aria – One of the newest and most elegant suites in the centre of the strip.

Last weekend, with the return of Calvin Harris hitting the decks on Saturday 24th August at the newly opened uber-night club Hakkasan, the venue took around $1.5m in drinks on one night only.

Whilst impressive in it’s own right, the weekend before, however, inside reports suggest one client in particular blew an incredible $1m on their night on champagne and vodka bottles and probably a night they will probably never forget. An extreme, but not always rare occurrence in Las Vegas. Let’s not forget the $200,000 he left in tips to the cocktail waitresses.

So what do the ridiculously wealthy or those looking to seriously impress spend their money on? have created the perfect blueprint of how to spend $1m in just 72hrs…

(1) The Jet – $40,000
If you’re within a couple of hours air time of Vegas then a private Jet is the perfect start to your weekend.

A small Citation Jet can be chartered for around $40,000 round trip and that includes your pilot, cabin crew, drinks and snacks. You could land at Henderson Executive Airport which is around 25 minutes from the Strip but any self respecting millionaire would pay the extra landing fees to arrive at Las Vegas International Airport, Signature Terminal. If you must have a Learjet for this short haul flight then budget $80,000 round trip.

The Jet - $40,000

(2) Getting to your hotel – $500
Anybody can book a stretch limo in Vegas for a few hundred bucks but if you’re spending $1m then you’ll want to picked up in a Rolls Royce Phantom. The luxury hotels have a fleet of these ready at all times and if you have no gambling history at their casino you can pay a nominal fee of $500 for the Phantom airport transfer, one-way.

(3) Hotel suite – $30,000
In terms of accommodation, every Las Vegas hotel caters for the high end above and beyond the standard rooms and suites.  Some of these rooms are truly extraordinary, for example the three bedroom Duplex Suite which is found in the Encore at Wynn Hotel, overlooking the golf course and the Strip, complete with three bedrooms, gym, games room with pool tables, incredibly high ceiling living rooms, separate butler entrances and furnishings of the highest quality with the latest technology. This now infamous suite is where Prince Harry was famously photographed around the pool table. At $15,000 for each busy weekend night it is not the most expensive but certainly one of the most luxurious and well appointed.

Other notable suites, some up to 10,000 sq ft include:

The Bungalows at the Cosmopolitan of Las VegasThe Bungalows at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – a three floor mini mansion for the party goer with direct access to the uber-cool Marquee Dayclub. This suite features its own roof top terrace plunge pool, oversized infinity bath, incredible modern stylish designs and a bedroom of epic proportions. Whilst this suite has only one bedroom, for $30,000 per 2-night weekend night you will get one of the only 9 bungalows at the hotel and be in the equivalent of Central Station in the Vegas Partying scene.

Hardwood Suite at Palms Place – this is a monster of a room featuring one of the largest beds in Vegas, fit for a basketball player, which is rather handy as the room features a half size basket ball court. In addition to the pool table, cinema, bar, in room 10 person Jacuzzi, butler service and kissing booths the room also features its own changing rooms and showers, ideal for when your basketball match starts and ends. This suite would set you back $100,000 for the weekend so be sure to pack your sweats.

Sky Villa at Aria – One of the newest and most elegant suites in the centre of the strip. This room features a magnificent gold spiral staircase, dining room behind a glass curve bowl, seating areas, pool table, 3 bedrooms, gym and even its very own hair salon to get ready for the big night ahead. Slightly set back from the main strip, only two of these Sky Villas exist and are available at a modest $7,000 per night.

Each of these suites is complemented by personal butlers catering to every need from unpacking luggage, making reservations through to making tea.

(4) Casino – $400,000
Of course there is the Casino. A somewhat easy place to quickly blow a small or large fortune. With private gaming rooms for the high rollers (up to $30,000 per hand) and whales (average $250,000 per hand) through to lower end tables ($1 to $100 per hand) this amazing city’s history was built from the casino floor.

If you’re limiting your total budget to $1m and want to save some for the partying, we’ll set aside just $400,000 for gaming purposes.

Hit the Baccarat and Blackjack tables which give the lowest odds in favour of the house. This is where you’ll find most of the high rollers in any casino and let’s go for a private table and $25,000 per hand. Pace yourself for an average gambling time of 4 hours per day – this is what the Casinos need to see if you want any comps.

Casino - $400,000

(5) Saturday Day Club aka Vegas Pool Parties – $130,000
So once you’ve arrived by jet, chauffer, bags unpacked by the butler and you’ve had a quick flutter downstairs it’s time to party. So where to?

The day club scene in Vegas from May-September is now one of the must see experiences in town and these Pool Parties are known across the world. Bungalow or prime cabanas options for the day, complete with private pools, almost always overlooking the party as the center of attention are available.

Book a bungalow at Wet Republic which can be found at MGM Grand. Bungalows are at a slightly elevated position overlooking the pool or perhaps more importantly the whole pool is looking up at you in the most exclusive position at the club.

Order huge magnums of Champagne and the bikini clad waitresses flanked by waiters with bulging muscles will blow air horns and wave massive flags to ensure every one of the 3,500 people know you’re the VIP to watch. Limit yourself to $100k plus tips and taxes brining your total to $130k so you don’t run out of steam for the night ahead.

In addition you will be assigned a personal VIP host at the club who will cater to your needs including providing a constant flow of party girls to join your group to help you spray some bottles, relax or meet the millionaire of their dreams.

(6) Saturday Nightclub – $200,000
Much like the day scene, the nightclubs are nothing like anywhere on the planet. These are $100m+ plus custom built venues with state of the art sound, light and scenery to blow the senses. Anything is possible and $140,000 will get you sitting on the table at Hakkasan, the biggest club in the world, next to your favourite DJ and feel like a King for the night. Add an additional 30-40% for tips and taxes and that takes your nightclub spend to $200,000.  The menu stacks up with an orgy of premium bottles and the club overflowing beauties and waitresses whom look like they are straight from the covers of the best selling men magazines.

Basic bottles start from $500 on a weekend up to $250,000 for a 22 litre of prime Champagne. Of which, one or two are sold every month.

(7) Sunday Shopping – $149,000
Caesars Palace Forum MallIf a day sunning and drinking at a pool party, followed by the insanity at the nightclub isn’t enough for you to loose some small change, how about some shopping?

Las Vegas is also home to some of the most incredible shops anywhere in the world.

Some hotels in Vegas feature their own malls including Cyrstals at CityCentre attached to the Aria and Mandarin Oriental complete with every high end brand possible with flagship stores including Prada, Gucci, Rolex, Jimmy Choo and many more. A walk through this spacious mall could require a remortgage or the ideal place to spend on that royal flush win from the night before. The indoor shopping corridor that connects the Wynn and Encore hotels has recently created an oasis for watch lovers where you can buy anything from a “basic” $2,000 Rolex through to a $2m Jaeger Le-Coutre.

In addition Caesars Palace Forum Mall features similar high end stores under the ever changing Roman sky complete with cobbled streets, moving statues and stunning Michelin star restaurants.

Ignore that persistent thumping headache. If you’re a girl then pick up a Ferrari from the Wynn store for your man and if you’re a guy then pickup the latest Hermes handbag and Cartier Jewelry from City Centre. $150,000 should cover the basics of a short shopping spree. Make sure you ask for a $1,000 discount to keep within the weekend’s $1m budget.

(8) Sunday afternoon fun – $50,000
Retail therapy has fixed that headache so how about some adrenaline now? If you’re fortunate to have several million sitting around and want to experience a true thrill of a lifetime how about a $30,000 private flight to feel complete weightlessness. Zero Gravity experience takes private modified Boeing jets through a unique flight path that provides the client with a total no gravity experience (if you can’t get away from the office for your own mission to space).

Or if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Tom Cruise in Top Gun you can now live it for real with Air Combat and fly a fighter jet, simulating shooting your pals in theirs with real smoke pouring from each jet with every targeted hit from your laser gun. Take a friend, partner or enemy to hone your targeting skills and book their top package at $20,000 a couple.

(9) Airport transfer – $500
Spend your last $500 (unless of course you won millions on blackjack) enjoying a luxurious ride back to your jet at the airport.

(10) ok I’m ready, how do I book ?
Of course not everyone will experience this kind of luxury, which is why the team at High Roller Suites set up their business to bring this lifestyle to the masses.

Andrew Boas, Director of Sales at says ‘People want to be a High Roller. It’s what Vegas is all about and we make it happen within their budget. Not everyone can afford a $20k table but there are options for everyone to experience the day and night clubs like a VIP. We also provide all the high end trimmings for a lower budget including limo services, activities such as private supercar hire and gun shooting and tours including helicopter views of the strip. With every client we create a bespoke itinerary to suit their group, budget and ensure they experience Vegas the right way”

For more info on living like a High Roller on a budget contact the team at

Total time in Las Vegas: 72 hours
Total spend: $1,000,000
Fun factor: 100%

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