The HugMyDog Ready Meals Brings More Consistency into a Dog’s Life

A Spaniel waiting by the freezer for its HugMyDog ready meal

A dog’s diet is vital, and a happy dog means a happy owner. HugMyDog is a pet food supplier on a mission to bring more consistency to a dog’s life, and it does it in a way where owners can see and feel the proof.

The subject of dog poo is something all dog owners regularly discuss, as their loved pooches are constantly having issues with their waste. It’s their diets that are both the problem and the solution. A poor one leads to an inconsistent type of poo, but a good diet helps your dog get the best nutrition and consistent stool, making them happier.

According to HugMyDog, your dog’s poo should be firm and well-formed in small lumps relevant to the dog’s size. Their waste should not be sloppy, smelly, and in large quantities, suggesting a poor quality, carbohydrate-laden diet. On the other hand, if their deposits are very hard, dry and crumbly, this presents a diet containing too much bone. HugMyDog is proud of the fact that the quality and composition of its meals means it helps dogs produce waste you can scoop easily and with a tiny whiff.

A happy Golden Retriever running in the countryside

HugMyDog has researched dog poo extensively to help them create what they consider the perfect meals of fresh food. The result is that your dog will have a reduction in the quantity of poo, will have a reduction in smell, and it will be the ideal consistency.

A young Labrador deciding between Chicken with Carrots and Beef with Sweet Potato

The brand has launched the UK’s first ready meal for dogs made from human-grade ingredients; each meal ensures dogs produce hard little nuggets of poo reflecting good health and easy to pick up.

What your dog’s poo show?

  • Softer poo can be a sign of stress, worms or parasites.
  • Poo should be chocolate brown in colour – look out for any discolouring in your dog’s poo.
  • The shape of your dog’s poo should be consistent in size and appear as a tiny nugget shape.

HugMyDod’s important USP for using frozen, microwaveable ready meals for dogs is that it produces perfect poo. The poo is Well-formed nuggets that are inoffensive to bag up and not smelly. You can say goodbye to squidgy, unpleasant deposits. The brand keeps its food simple, comprising premium, human-grade meat, organic fruit and vegetables, and vital minerals and vitamins. There are no fillers, grains or legumes – all ingredients that create turmoil in the tummy and result in pongy, incontinent outputs or hard, troubling constipation.

The brand's beef with sweet potato meal with its raw ingredients laid out by its side

The company is rigorous in ensuring its ingredients come from suppliers whose produce is good enough for human consumption. The company has a fresh, natural, wholesome food range that includes various proteins and nutrients, as each cut of meat delivers different amino acids. The pork is outdoor reared, chicken is free range, and beef and lamb are grass-fed.

Its meals don’t include preservatives or cheap fillers, such as legumes or grains, and only feature the best quality meat with added natural super nutrients, omega-3 and calcium.
If you have a new puppy, keeping them on the food they’re used to during the first week is recommended. Moving home can be stressful for a young’un, and many can become picky eaters at this time. It’s best to let them settle before transitioning to raw puppy food.

HugMyDog contains the best cuts of ethical meat and British vegetables and is full of super nutrients to help support your dog’s body and brain. The food can be delivered wherever you are in the country. The company has worked closely with their dream team of vets, veterinary nurses and nutritionists when designing HugMyDog. They ensure that it supports each dog’s unique needs, resulting in healthy, happy dogs. The food will show results such as your dog’s skin staying glossy, looking after their kidney health as they grow older, and aiding your dog’s immune system.

All of its products use 100% recyclable packaging means you also look after the planet whenever you buy with us. The company’s eco-friendly company is committed to protecting the environment, so they recycle everything, and none of the waste goes to landfills. You can even cook Hug meals in the recyclable card packaging. HugMyDog uses plastic when no other material fits their criteria that it must be returnable or recyclable.

If you would like to find out more about HugMyDog and all the products they create, please visit

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