The Incredible Variety of Wildlife on Pangkor Laut

The colony of fruit bats on Pangkor Laut

An often overlooked part of a luxury holiday is what surrounds the resort, as beautiful as Pangkor Laut is, it’s my belief that guests unknowingly concentrate more on the accommodation and facilities, missing some of the incredible beauty that this island has to offer.

Shadham - The islands resident naturalistOne of the main things that I like about Pangkor Laut is the effort that they go to in preserving the nature on the island. Fronting this effort is Shahdan, the islands resident naturalist, Shahdan had only returned to Pangkor Laut a few months ago after spending a few years heading the Malayan Tiger Conservation Program, he told us that, although he loved the thrill of tiger conservation, the opportunity to return to the island was something that he felt in his heart was right for him.

Jungle Trekking is an activity available to all guests at Pangkor Laut, our trek was to be a private one as we needed to do some photography and filming and thought this unfair to hold up the other guests. There are two walks available, we would be doing the shorter of the routes, known as the Northern Perimeter Walk, just over 500 meters in length and elevated via the purpose built walkways and clear tracks. We hadn’t even started the walk when something caught Shadhan’s eye; as we looked closer, we could see a bright green viper hanging from the tree close-by, that’s the great thing about the wildlife on Pangkor Laut, there’s lots of it and you’re never sure where and when you’ll get to see it.

There is a wide variety of wildlife inhabiting the island, including Monkeys, Wild Pigs, Snakes, Lizards, Hornbills, Eagles, Sea-Otters, Fruit Bats, Peacocks and even Green turtles are expected to return at some time in the future. We saw some fantastic wildlife during our stay and hope that you will take a moment to watch our Travel Special about the island’s wildlife.

The Jungle Trek is relatively easy, the paths, as mentioned, are well marked and the steps and crossings have been fashioned out of the natural foliage such as fallen trees. In total the walk takes about 45 minutes with a nice picturesque path down to Emerald Bay where you can grab some food and refreshments at Chapmen’s Bar or opt for a Private Picnic Experience on the beach, which can be requested in advance.

Their is a wide variety of wildlife on Pangkor Laut some of which can be seen on the jungle trek

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