India Mahdavi’s Sweet Treat Of Nespresso

India Mahdavi’s Sweet Treat Of Nespresso

Nespresso is welcoming in the festive season with the launch of three limited edition varieties of coffee inspired by Parisian desserts. And to help them, they have enlisted the help of renowned architect and decorator, India Mahdavi.

Inspired by Parisian delicacies and the sweet flavours of this year’s Varieties selection – macaron, madeleine and praline, the Iranian designer signed the packaging in none other than with her signature colour pop. She also helped create a range of unique accessories including mugs, cups, and window displays. They complete the coffee experience nicely.

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Master of colour, India Mahdavi, is known for creating emblematic spaces including the Jean-François Piège restaurant in Paris and The Gallery at Sketch in London. And while she normally stands out for her sleek designs and intense colour palettes, the Nespresso holiday range is in stark contrast with its more pastel hues. The high-caffeine jewel-like capsules have a playful design. And they work. Mahdavi said of the collaboration with Nespresso that her goal was to “bring a dreamlike dimension to the world of Nespresso, in which the new capsules float like sweet clouds in the sky”. We couldn’t agree more. They are ideal for coffee lovers and designers alike.

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Mahdavi elaborates further by saying the pods are reminiscent of childhood – a bit like old fashioned sweets in glass jars behind the counter of a much-loved confectionary shop. And indeed, stacked high they were like cakes on a stand during the recent launch at Nespresso’s Champs-Élysées flagship store. They would look ideal on any kitchen counter, not to mention in her ethereal Tokyo coffee shop, completed earlier this year.

India Mahdavi’s Sweet Treat Of Nespresso 7Speaking of working with a leading brand like Nespresso, Mahdavi explained: “There was space to bring roundness, sweetness and gourmandise to their world. These are not just flavours but imaginary delights; I’m infusing a touch of emotion and tenderness to the functional and urban universe of coffee.”

And in perfect harmony, Mahdavi’s new Origin Collection of coffee cups and serving tray completes the coffee ritual with a commitment to texture; and of course, a splash of colour. Sandstone in colour, the interior of the mugs are a perfect match for the coffee to be poured into. Taking lead from the shape of the coffee bean, each matte-finished ceramic shell is rounded to fit into the palms, thus linking the cup, coffee, and coffee-lover. It provides the overall sense of connection and satisfaction between all three.

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