Infrawear’s RXMask Has the Style But Does it Have the Substance?

Infrawear's RXMask Has the Style But Does it Have the Substance?

With face masks now part of people’s everyday wardrobe, finding the right one in this ‘New Norm’ is no easy task. We tried out the RXMask from US-based Infrawear LLC and discovered it offers far more positives than it would first appear.

All over the world, masks are now an essential part of people’s everyday life. Although as seen in the press, some people are still fighting against wearing them, the common consensus is it helps to protect the wearer and the people they are interacting with.

In Britain and many other countries, the wearing of masks is now mandatory in enclosed spaces, but the rules do vary widely. I don’t have an issue with wearing a face mask. If it helps to protect others, I’m all for it.

For some, a mask will need to be worn for hours at a time, for others, just for a few minutes. Trying to find a mask that is practical for both have seemed to be a problem. This is where the RXMask comes into play.

Over the past months, I’ve written a few pieces on the subject of face masks, the context of which seems to have been ‘borrowed’ by other leading international media outlets. This could be the reason why Infrawear reached out to me and asked if I would try their offering.

The RXMask is a single piece, headband-styled protective face mask. At first glance, I will admit that it looked somewhat like ladies underwear.

The material used is said to be made from yarn embedded with biophotonic nano-technology. It is said that this emits far-infrared rays, which has been shown to increase microcirculation and muscle oxygenation.

I know that some of you will be thinking ‘what?’ So, in simpler terms, it is a bit like the material used in high-end cycling clothing or what you’d imagine, Superman or Batman’s costume is made from.

One of the most apparent benefits from making a mask out of this material is it’s incredibly easy to store in one’s pocket, unlike many of the other large, firm, beak-like masks commonly seen.

At home, I have a selection of face masks ranging from very stiff coverings that look like they would stop a bullet to the simple paper-like blue-tinged masks. One thing all the face masks I own have in common is they get wet through condensation. Also, they offer no indication of what my face is expressing.

The good news is, this isn’t the case with the RXMask. I put it to a four-hour test with a visit to our local zoo. The mask was not only comfortable to wear and very easy to breathe through, I also had no problems with moisture build-up.

Model wearing red RXMask from Infrawear

Another benefit I found with the RXMask is it allowed people to see some of my expressions through it. The material hugs the contours of your face, which meant when I smiled, people could see I was. With some of the other masks I have, this is clearly impossible.

So, at this stage, we know it is comfortable to wear for long periods, it doesn’t suffer from moisture build-up, meaning any nasty odours, and it allows others to see my expressions.

There is another advantage to this mask which I discovered rather through chance. As I’ve mentioned, some masks are rather bulky, and the options are to wear it, carry/store it or leave it hanging from one ear, which is not very flattering.

As the RXMask is a singular tubular piece, it can be slipped down onto you neck much like you would when wearing a snood. For someone like me who can be forgetful, this is a bonus as it’s always there ready for use when needed.

Here’s a recap of some of the benefits of the RXMask from Infrawear:

  • Lowers mask contact temperature, reducing contact sweating, and PH upsets.
  • Anti-Microbial properties through embedded silver ions.
  • Tubular design for comfort without slippage (even through physical activity).
  • Comfortable, durable and anti-odour.

Model wearing black RXMask from Infrawear

Infrawear's RXMask Has the Style But Does it Have the Substance? 4
Final thoughts on the RXMask

I was impressed. Wearing the mask didn’t make me feel self-conscious in the slightest. It was like another layer to my skin and given its face-hugging design stayed in place whatever I did. Like all masks of this type, it doesn’t purport to be of a medical-grade.

However, something is better than nothing and as long as you maintain government guidelines regarding distancing this mask will no doubt keep you and others much safer.

There is no doubt the RXMask is a stylish addition to the wardrobe. Infrawear kindly sent over two black masks to us, one for me and one for my wife. However, my elderly father, who suffers from a lung condition and could not find a suitable breathable mask, was so impressed and persuasive, he left my house with mine!
Infrawear's RXMask Has the Style But Does it Have the Substance? 4

Infrawear RXMask – Where and how?

The RXMask is priced at a reasonable $24.50 and is available in four colours: Red, Blue, Cream and Black. It is a one-size-fits-all product and can be purchased online from the Infrawear website here.

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Infrawear's RXMask Has the Style But Does it Have the Substance? 4


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