Innermost’s Shivraj Bassi Predicts the Major Wellness Trends in 2022

Innermost's Shivraj Bassi Predicts the Major Wellness Trends in 2022

Using in-house data and expert opinions, Shivraj Bassi, an industry insider and the founder of the award-winning nutrition brand Innermost, shares his predictions on the wellness trends set to dominate 2022.

Predicting consumer trends is far from a simple task, and it’s made more complicated given the current problems the world is facing, which is causing the consumer landscape to change constantly. However, this isn’t going to stop Shivraj Bassi and his colleagues at Innermost. They’ve consulted experts, conducted research* and dug into their consumer data to get a handle on what they feel will be the most prominent trends, conversations and innovations that will dominate the wellness conversation in 2022.

Trend 1: Increased desire for immunity-boosting ingredients.
Unsurprisingly, immune health has seen a great deal of interest of late and will continue to do so going forward. That means focusing on consuming foods such as fruits, vegetables, protein, probiotics and nutritional supplements.

Research conducted by Innermost revealed that 69% of respondents rated their immunity as either ‘weak’ or just ‘OK’. Despite this, over half (56%) rarely or never take supplements, yet 47% are curious to learn more about how supplements can support their health and wellbeing.

Trend 2: Nootropics or ‘Smart Drugs’ for brain health and performance.
There will be an increased focus on brain health, with consumers turning to nutrition and brain training to maintain and improve cognitive health. As we become more educated in this area, there is a generation more determined than ever to correctly fuel our body to provide the brain with a constant supply of good nutrients.

While 75% of respondents said they struggle to concentrate during the day, the good news is that there are many ways to improve this. One solution is the Innermost Focus Capsules, which contains a number of science-backed ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, L-Tyrosine, CDP-Choline and Bacopa Monnieri, all doing their bit to keep your brain switched on throughout the day.

Skin minimalism is expected to be a major trend in 2022

Trends With Benefits From Innermost Trend 3: The rise of ‘skin minimalism’.
The skincare industry has been growing much faster than expected speed. However, there is a lot of misinformation and unnecessary information that’s causing confusion for consumers.

As a result, many within the industry are noticing a trend towards consumers looking to reduce the complexity around skincare routines and avoid the use of heavy products that may be counterproductive. Instead, there will be much more focus on creating skincare that incorporates nutrition as well as topical products that look to address and prevent problems before they arise.

A woman turning her phone off before going to sleep

Trend 4: Better sleep hygiene.
Sleep links to almost all other bodily functions, from digestion, mental function to sexual health and, of course, to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Worryingly, a recent report from King’s College London suggested an increased number of people are struggling with their sleep following the onset of the pandemic, which is backed up by Innermost data that shows half of the respondents reported having trouble falling asleep.

It’s an area we can expect to see gain a lot of attention in 2022 as people look to find better ways to doze off, whether that’s by reducing caffeine intake, avoiding blue light before bedtime or taking supplements to help with sleep.

Trend 5: Prevention vs cure.
More people than ever are looking to nutrition, exercise, and health as a preventative tool rather than something to focus on only once an issue has arisen and needs addressing. To that end, a focus on health and wellness coaching and ensuring the right diet and nutritional supplements are going to be increasingly important to a broader demographic, especially in the wake of the pandemic and the realisation that a focus on better health should be for everyone.

When asked what best described their health and wellness goal, whilst a small proportion (5%) reported that they simply wanted to look their best, 38% said they ‘want to feel healthier’, and over half (56%) said they wanted to improve their fitness. It’s a positive indication that consumers are placing priority on their physical health and wellness over aesthetic goals.

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About Innermost
Innermost offers a range of science-backed nutritional supplements, with ingredients sourced from nature that serve as wellness solutions to a wide range of health needs across the body and mind. Learn more at

*Data from 5118 respondents between 1st January 2021 – 11th November 2021 has been compiled and analysed by in-house teams.

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