Are Mainstream Education Systems Starting to Lose their Relevance?

How the Institut auf dem Rosenberg is Making Education More Relevant

Following pupils in England returning to the classroom this week after months of online teaching, attentions turn to whether now is the right time to consider an education intervention.

The trailblazing Swiss boarding school, Institut auf dem Rosenberg, is recognised worldwide for pushing the boundaries of education to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Robotics at the Institut auf dem Rosenberg

For over 130 years and over four generations of the Gademann family, the establishment has offered an unmatched learning environment promoting individuality and fostering natural curiosity whilst enabling excellent academic achievements.

Skills such as adaptability and innovation – which are often overlooked in traditional education systems yet prized in the world of work – form Rosenberg’s educational concept’s backbone.

While the past year has seen educators worldwide reconsider how best to educate students, Rosenberg has continued to spearhead solutions by pioneering initiatives such as their unique ‘Talent & Enrichment Programme’, which forms over 100 co-curricular courses.

Robotic dog made by the Institut auf dem Rosenberg

The programme offers students a choice of subjects that range from Creative Technologies & Robotics to Sustainable Design with the Monaco Yacht Club and wealth creation with private banks.

The school promotes a forward-thinking approach to modern life and believes that grades should no longer come down to a set of exams.

British Historian and political author Sir Anthony Seldon

In January this year, Sir Anthony Seldon (above) – one of Britain’s leading contemporary historians, educationalists, commentators and political authors – was appointed as Friend of Rosenberg.

Sir Anthony and the school’s Director-General, Mr Bernhard Gademann (below), have a shared belief that education in the 21st century should be global and rewarding, enriching and profound – rather than subjugated to rote factory line learning.

Bernhard Gademann Headmaster at Institut auf dem Rosenberg

Both fear that an exam certificate’s end goal often stymies teachers and students’ natural creativity and ingenuity. Teachers should identify and nurture a child’s natural intelligence – whether that be academic or something less quantifiable, such as emotional and social skills, creativity or an aptitude for sport, to name a few.

Students having fun on the Institut auf dem Rosenberg Campus

Later this year, Rosenberg is due to host its Rosenberg Summer Camp, which offers a wide selection of classes and activities such as performing arts, engineering, experimental science lab, informatics, robotics, applied arts, and public speaking.

The camp is open to non-Rosenberg students and will provide children who have fallen behind academically, due to the various lockdowns, with a chance to catch up and prepare them for the new school year.

Rosenberg has already proven how beneficial this can be for students. Following months of teaching online last year, the Rosenberg students were invited back to school over the summer holidays to recap on the virtually taught classes.

A recent whitepaper that saw Rosenberg collaborate with Euromonitor International – The Future of Entrepreneurship – showed that a staggering 65% of primary school children would work in jobs that currently do not exist.

The report sees Euromonitor explore how start-up culture is redefining today’s mainstream corporate world, attracting aspiring entrepreneurs to brave the unknown.

Institut auf dem Rosenberg

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