Interview with Award-Winning Designer, Tina Malhamé

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LM: How difficult is it to get into the fashion industry?
TM: This one is hard to answer, really. I just fell into the role, loved my job and sought out opportunities. I specialised in embroidered, printing and hand techniques. Today, I think it is less practical and hands on. There is more online “sketching”. Designers are clearly controlled by the money department in fashion companies.

LM: How far in advance do you have to work on your pieces?
TM: I work around three to four months maximum in advance. Much of the designing takes place when I see something at source which I am inspired by.

LM: What can we expect in the coming months and early next year? We know NoLoGo is a tran-seasonal collection. What’s coming next?
TM: We have the most beautiful floral prints in work. One has a bold Berber stripe with roses printed over the top and these roses are also embroidered as an added detail. Flowers, flowers and more flowers! One gorgeous cheetah and fern print is in process. I can’t wait to see them too.

Two models wearing Tina's dresses

LM: There must be fierce competition out there. What competition are you up against?
TM: Competition is everywhere and anywhere. And yet there is no point worrying about it. I just do what I love and hope others love the product too.

LM: What would you say has been your career highlight/s?
TM: I have been fortunate to have been at the start of a number of brands helping them build their “look”. But fundamentally, every collection has its highlight. Creating from scratch and seeing an idea in one’s head which then appears as a tangible garment to wear and be loved is pretty high up on my list of career highlights! The first few years of Per Una were also pretty outstanding. I spent one week of every month at the source of manufacture designing and developing fabulously creative garments which sold out in days after delivery to the stores. We never had a bad seller.

Photograph of Award-Winning Designer, Tina Malhamé seatedLM: What difference has running your own fashion business made to your life?
TM: I have always worked furiously hard. It is something I have no control over. A designer’s lot, I suppose. Running my own business enables me to control my own time, which I love. The days of buying teams insisting I attend meetings on Christmas Eve or all day until late are long gone. I am grateful. Truly grateful.

LM: And do tell us a little bit about yourself.
TM: I live in Windsor in Berkshire and have two teenage sons. One is studying at university, and the youngest is entering his GCSE year. I am also happily married and my husband and I have been together since 1987.

LM: And finally, where can we buy your products?
TM: You can buy them online and also at a number of fairs including Spirit of Summer, Spirit of Christmas in London and a number of Country Living fairs throughout the UK.

NoLoGo Chic – Where and How?

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