Interview With Jiggy Rawal – A Modern-Day Treasure Hunter

Interview With Jiggy Rawal - A Modern-Day Treasure Hunter 7

LM: What makes a good exhibition? What recent exhibitions have resonated with you?
JR: Great exhibitions are created when visitors walk around in awe of almost every piece and the eclectic collections come together to tantalise and stimulate your mind as you walk through them. When you walk through and you can look at most pieces and resonate with them. The pieces should draw you to them very easily. Some of the exhibitions that I loved last year would include the Masterpiece fair and then the London Masters at the London Frieze. If you’re unsure of what type of art grabs you, the Masterpiece fair is a great place to start.

The fair has been running for eight years at the Royal Chelsea hospital. The fair brings together the art world in its entirety. Artwork, sculptures, antiquities, paintings, drawings to jewellery, both antique and new. Walking through the Masterpiece fair, you will feel like your time travelling and globe-trotting at the same time as everything sits side by side at the exhibition.

LM: What should you look for before buying your first painting? What do you look for in an artist and their work?
JR: Before buying art, I would ask you to ask yourself a few questions first. The first of the questions is key in the decision-making process. Does the piece have an emotional meaning to you? Are you drawn to it? Does it easily guide your eyes through the story it’s telling? Do you understand the piece? What it stands for and represents? Does the piece stimulate your senses through either colour, texture or material? Is it thought-provoking?

What’s unique about the piece that makes it so different and stand out to you? Is there a style or process the artist has created to make it different? Is this the artist’s own original style or is he/she building on previous artist’s works or a movement of that time? Understand the artist’s history and background. After all that, I would not recommend any hasty decisions. If the piece lingers in your mind after you’ve left it, then it’s probably the piece for you.

LM: Do you work with emerging artists and designers? Who should we look out for?
JR: I love seeing the work of emerging artists and believe me, there’s a lot of unrecognised talent out there.


Art is a very subjective, and sadly often the success of the modern day artist is based upon how good their representation is, securing exhibitions and being selected by prominent galleries. To achieve an exhibition of significance, the artist has to show a retrospective of their work. This is challenging as in order to do this, the artist has to be able to support him/herself over the period and this can take years to achieve.

Interview With Jiggy Rawal - A Modern-Day Treasure Hunter 8

LM: What are some of the more unusual things that people have in their collections?
JR: Collections can be of almost anything. I’ve known individuals to collect buttons, pin badges, bottle tops to movie posters. All are based on a person’s passion. Buttons can go from a few pennies to a few hundred pounds in value!

LM: Are you a collector of art yourself?
JR: I’ve have bought a number of works of art for my home. Regardless of their investment potential, I have collected pieces which tell the story of my life and reflect my taste and style.

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Interview With Jiggy Rawal conducted by Sabi Phagura

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