Luxurious Magazine Interview With Jonny Dodge, Founder And CEO Of GP Management

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Jonny Dodge, Founder And CEO Of GP Management 2

LM: Which is your favourite Grand Prix?
JD: Monaco is my favourite Grand Prix. Arriving by helicopter, landing there amongst multi-million-pound superyachts, and being trackside to watch the race – it’s a completely magical unique experience.

LM: What’s the most luxurious experience that you offer clients?
JD: The sky is the limit with us; but not now with the arrival of space tourism. There have already been several multimillionaires who have gone to visit the space station. The next trips will be flying to space with Virgin Galactic at a cost of £250,000 per person. This has been a long time coming, but it is now just around the corner.

LM: Space tourism is the next unexplored frontier which will offer the ultimate experience beyond the confines of the Earth. Do you think it’s going to be a “space” that will become increasingly competitive?
JD: Space will be one of the most competitive businesses around, but we are at the forefront with our platform called This will be the world’s first aggregator of all space-related experiences, which will range from astronaut training to jet fighters. Every industry that’s on earth will happen in space too and that’s really the next frontier for people.

Individuals who aren’t in the industry might not realise the scale of how far progressed some of these projects are. Already, parts of spaceships are being built for Mars at the Space X facility. Trips to Mars and the Moon are only a few years away.

Jonny Dodge and Sir Richard Branson

LM: Have you always been interested in space exploration? Is it your ambition to go “up” too?
JD: Of course, it’s my ambition to go up to space. I even planned to get married in space, although Galactic got delayed, unfortunately. Exploration in space is key and is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. These days, the ambition is to explore new and wonderful things further afield.

LM: What are your personal luxuries in life?
JD: For me, every man needs a good car and a good watch. I have an Audemars Piguet Offshore timepiece and an Audi R8 sportscar. However, my personal luxury is having the time to explore and to embark on adventures. Realistically, I want to spend all my time and money on seeing new places and worlds.

LM: What’s next for GP Management?
JD: I think it’s about becoming more adventurous with our ideas as the world strives to create more unique experiences. Everything will become more experiential. From where you eat, how you see your friends, to where you have your adventures. Our focus is around creating a platform that will deliver experiences to people daily.

LM: Thank you for your time Jonny.

GP Management – Where and How?

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Interview with Jonny Dodge by Simon Wittenberg

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