We Discover the Story Behind Zaccys with its Founder, Meg Cope

Zaccys Cristina high heel wedges
Cristina high heel wedges

What is your favourite Zaccys shoe?
Choosing a favourite is very difficult because I love all of them!

I am very proud of the Cristina high heel wedges, as they are truly comfortable high heels that have converted even the most die-hard flats wearers.

Now that we live in Athens, I live in the Margaritas (the shoe that started it all) for most of the year – I can even walk our dog in them! I also love the pop of orange hand-embroidery on baby-soft nude suede on the ‘Sunset’ models. The mid-height, taupe linen Ana Crochet is my go-to if I need to pack light for a holiday, you only need them and a pair of flip flops for easy day to night holiday chic.

We Discover the Story Behind Zaccys with its Founder, Meg Cope 1
“The extra ‘feel good’ factor in the Zaccys London brand. ‘Purchase with Purpose’ – for every pair sold a donation is made.”

The winter collection saved my feet during these cold months – the hidden internal cork mini wedge and the bouncy platform soles give just the right combination of lift and support and both styles – Carolina and Elisabeta are super versatile.

Will you be adding accessories to match the show collections? ie Bags?
At the moment I am very focused on shoes, they are a really complex item to make and get right. Everyone’s feet are different so I have plenty of scope to extend our current offering.

I would like to develop the use of sustainable materials in our production – cork, jute and fish skins, combining them with technical materials that offer superior comfort, support and responsible manufacturing.

Where is Zaccys available to buy?
Zaccys are available online at www.zaccys.com where we have all the collections and offer our customers a really personal service along with free shipping and returns throughout Europe. We are also stocked in several retailers, the details of which can be found on our website stockist page.

What is your motto in life?
Growing up my father always encouraged us to be fearless and to never give up. Fall seven times and stand up eight is something I now tell my children. I also think manners, kindness and helping others make the world a happier and more successful place.

Mentoring, apprenticeship, teaching and collaboration are all key parts of medical training, I think applying these sorts of synergies to business can be very rewarding for both small and large companies.

We Discover the Story Behind Zaccys with its Founder, Meg Cope 2
Zaccys are all showerproof & will not spoil if they become damp.

Where do see the brand in five-years-time?
In the future, I see Zaccys as the go-to brand for comfortable artisanal shoes for any occasion, for men and women, that represents real value for money. I hope that through growing a successful business we can support the children’s cancer charities we partner with, in a meaningful way.

Zaccys London – Where and how?

To view the full selection of Zaccys London shoes and place your order please visit www.zaccys.com; enquiries to email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 800 772 0300.

We Discover the Story Behind Zaccys with its Founder, Meg Cope 3
Zaccys all feature light-weight & shock-absorbing natural cork wedges. Designed for maximum comfort (most brands use plastic wedges, as they are cheaper & easier to work with/brand).


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