An Interview With Ching He Huang TV Chef And Cookery Author

An Interview With Ching He Huang TV Chef And Cookery Author 4

LM: Tell our Luxurious Magazine readers why they should purchase a copy of your book Stir Crazy?
CHH: It’s a luxury to eat out but it’s also a luxury to find time to connect with yourself and literally ‘feed’ your soul. The recipes are quick, easy, healthy and tasty! You get to choose the freshest ingredients that go into your food.

LM: What are some of your favourite luxury gastronomy experiences?
CHH: I love eating out and meeting new chefs through my work and travels. I discovered Chef Vicky Cheng of VEA in Hong Kong earlier this year and absolutely adore his food! I just have to fly to Hong Kong every time I have a craving!

An Interview With Ching He Huang TV Chef And Cookery Author 5

LM: What’s next on your luxury travel bucket list?
CHH: I would love to explore the Silk Road and take the Orient Express from Paris to Beijing, it’s on my bucket list. Hawaii, South America, Bhutan, New Zealand and I would love to revisit Iceland and India too. So not a lot then!


LM: Do you have any hints, tips or recommendations you can give our Luxurious Magazine readers on preparing the perfect meat, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free stir fry dish?
CHH: Buy a copy of Stir Crazy and get my Lotus Wok! : D A good tip is fire up the wok and make sure it’s really hot before you add the oil, and a small drop of water (or stock) is your best friend if you start to burn any ingredient, it helps to lower the temperature and create steam.

LM: You’re the creator of the Lotus Wok, a wok which has a dynamic Nano-silica coating for high-performance cooking. Does the Lotus Wok help improve the cooking skills of beginner’s in the kitchen?
CHH: Absolutely! The Nano Silica coating is a natural coating which ensures the food doesn’t stick in the wok, it doesn’t rust, it’s easy to clean and above all it allows for even heat distribution and retention of heat. It is hydrophobic (repels water) and oleophilic (absorbs oil) ensuring the food stays crisp and delicious!

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LM: It seems there are exciting times ahead for you with your new book Stir Crazy. Do you have any other thrilling developments and future projects lined up in the coming months?
CHH: I have just launched my Edamame Soybean Noodles and Yellow Soybean Noodles with Yutaka. They are high in protein, low in fat, organic, gluten free and cook in minutes, they’re super delicious and good for you! They are available in all good Tesco stores.

LM: Describe your cooking style in one word.
CHH: Healthy Chinese

Ching-He Huang’s new book, Stir Crazy, is published by Kyle Books on 21st September 2017, £19.99.

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