Interview with David Jong

Interview with David Jong 7David Jong is a name that keeps cropping up when you visit the ‘happening’ spots of Kuala Lumpur, Given that he has well over 2000 friends on Facebook, you are bound to bump into a friend or two of his on a night out. David is a private banker in Kuala Lumpur by Day and a dedicated socialiser at night, interview took the opportunity to find out how he balances his time

Luxurious Magazine: Hi David and thanks for taking some time to talk to us, You’re a banker by day and socialite by night, not a combination that springs immediately to mind! Tell us about your job as a banker, what do you do?

David: I’m actively involved in the marketing and cultivating of trading accounts with high net worth clients. In other words, my task is to grow the profitability and client base through active acquisition and prospecting of high net worth clients in Malaysia.

Luxurious Magazine: And what about the ‘other’ side of your life (the social side), tell us about this..
David: I do go out alot, attending large social gatherings, such as parties and business or political groups. I find myself energized by being around other people.

Luxurious Magazine: Where were you born and where did you grow up?
David: I was born in Kuching, Sarawak. Spent most of my childhood there.

Luxurious Magazine: Do you live in KL?

David: Yes, I’m currently based in KL.

Luxurious Magazine: Was the financial services industry always an area you wanted to get into or did you harbor other ambitions?
David: Suprisingly, I’d always wanted to join the civil service – I submitted my application for the position of diplomatic and administration officer in Malaysia’s Public Service Commission (SPA) once, but I never reported for the second round of assessment. If anyone influenced me it would be my father who is a retired DCA (Department of Civil Aviation) controller and my mother wanted me to follow’s dad footsteps. While civil service can be a “safe” and comfortable career choice, I realised if I want to go far in my career, private sector would be the fastest way. Especially at the beginning of your career, it is very important to meet the right people. Establishing a good social network can get you many good deals. Go to events related to your field, meet some ‘moguls’ in a given industry, and hope that they can help me!. That is my on-going goal.

Luxurious Magazine: Given that you seem to frequently be around beautiful women, what the current relationship status?
David: I am currently single, but open to offers!

Interview with David Jong 8Luxurious Magazine: What attributes does your ideal woman need to possess?
David: I like a woman who is emotionally mature, someone who has the maturity to not blame or criticize a man for what she’s feeling, but to share her feelings in an honest and authentic way. This helps a man better to understand her and will be attractive to me.

Luxurious Magazine: Someone told me that you were once in a magazine in a feature about ‘Eligible Bachelors”!
tell us about that..
David: I was shocked when I received a call that I was shortlisted to be one of the top 50 bachelors in 2009. I’m truly honoured and humbled by the award. Until today I didn’t know who actually nominated me!

Luxurious Magazine: What’s your favourite happening spot in KL and why?
David: Its hard to pin-point one as I hang out mostly everywhere and follow the crowd. There are many lounge bars, clubs and chill -out rooms in areas like Mont Kiara/Hartamas, Bangsar, Damansara Perdana, Sunway and KL Golden Triangle – KLCC and Changkat. If I had to name one place, it would be Zouk KL. A great place for partying and they have probably the best looking crowd in KL!

Luxurious Magazine: When you do get some spare time, how do you spend it?
David: I go for a walk or visit the gym. Good health can make all other aspects of your life better including your work. Next in my to-do list would be to find a recipe and get the ingredients and cook myself a nice meal. Making yourself a great meal can be very satisfying. Share it with your family and loved ones and you’ve got a great way to spend your free time.
That will be great *grin

Luxurious Magazine: What would you like to have achieved five years from now?
David: I have been living day to day, taking each one as it comes, but to answer your question, I don’t try to expect anything. When you expect something and don’t get it, you are hurt. So, I guess I would say I hope to achieve a stable financial income to live on my own and support a family.

Luxurious Magazine: Anything else we haven’t found out about you before we wrap up?
David: I’m a laid back person and relaxed most of the time but this doesnt means that I careless on where I’m heading to in life. Like what Capricorn zodiac sign reads, a Capricorn man will not show it or never even talk about it, but he is very ambitious. I appreciate being here in this world and I like to live my life without regrets

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