DJ Mari Ferrari the Luxurious Interview

DJ Mari Ferrari the Luxurious Interview

Luxurious Magazine talks to Russian-born DJ Mari Ferrari about music, life, love and what her goals and inspirations are.

Thank you some time to answer a few questions for us. As a Moscovite myself, moving here for me was surprisingly easy because ‘I absolutely love Malaysia’! What are your impressions of Malaysia?
DJ Mari Ferrari: I’ve travelled a lot and been to many different countries. I LOVE Asia and admire many things about this part of the world. I love the friendliness of the people and their positive attitude, the always warm weather and the architecture. And of course, I am a big fan of Asian cuisine! I’ve had a great time in Malaysia. Literally enjoyed every day I’ve spent here! I can’t wait to come back in April. People here do know how to party! This country is 100% fantastic!

DJ Mari Ferrari the Luxurious Interview 2
DJ Mari Ferrari.

Being an international DJ Mari Ferrari must have meant you’ve travelled many places around the world, apart from Malaysia, where is the most memorable place you have deejayed and why?
DJ Mari Ferrari: My most memorable experience was playing at the Hed Kandi Festival in Miami, USA. It’s always a huge event and I was thrilled to play on the same stage as many world-famous DJs. It was a true honour and a great experience.

I think it was that festival, that made me want to grow more and more as a DJ. Another special memory is my work at the festival in Barcelona, Spain. I really loved the energy and ambience there. When it comes to playing different venues the most important thing is the feel of the crowd, the ambience, the mood, the arrangement. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a big event or a small party, the energy of the people is what makes it good or bad.

Mari, You’re physically beautiful and a very talented Deejay. If you had to be known for only one, which one would you prefer it to be?
DJ Mari Ferrari: I would like to be more famous for my work as a DJ. Sooner or later beauty fades but your passion is what can see you through for the rest of your life.

Modelling for me only goes side by side with my work as a DJ. I do various magazine shoots and photo sessions as a part of my promotional work. It’s great to have both together at the moment, but only modelling without my work as a DJ would probably be a little bit boring.

DJ Mari Ferrari.
DJ Mari Ferrari.

In the next few months, we understand you will be releasing a DJ Mari Ferrari collaboration with some other DJ’s and artists, tell us more about this?
DJ Mari Ferrari: Right now my fans can enjoy the track Adam Reeves pres. Mari F – Reach Out [Original + Remixes] Coming on Beatport and in all digital stores. I’ve already played it in Malaysia and the reception was fantastic!

Other than that it’s all work in progress at the moment. I am exploring different ideas and possibilities but no firm plans just yet. I’ll keep you updated on the new stuff that’s going to be coming out.

I’m currently working on putting together my own album of new tracks, that should be released in about six months time. Hopefully, people who like the “house” style of music will really appreciate it.

It must have been a great honour for DJ Mari Ferrari to be chosen as the official Deejay at the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, what were your own memories of this event?
DJ Mari Ferrari: It was a great stroke of luck for me to be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a pleasure to meet and listen to so many talented artists.

It’s unfortunate that I haven’t managed to make any collaborations with any of them yet. But it’s only because we grow in different directions and the style of music we play is different. We are all united by one passion in life – our Love of music! I am a self-confessed music-lover. I listen to all kinds of music and I love the Eurovision Song Contest.

When you are not working, what does Mari Ferrari do you do to relax?
DJ Mari Ferrari: After all the hustle, bustle and noise I just want to relax and enjoy my own company – a bit of peace and quiet. Those rare moments of tranquillity really help you to rest and re-energize. For example, after a vigorous tour, I love nothing better than a long walk and a lot of fresh air. I like to take my dog with me and go for a walk on the beach or just sit and look at the ocean and read.

But, at the same time, if I have a day off I can’t resist going to a nice club. I just can’t say “No” to a good party. I’ve got a lot of hobbies. I love sports. I enjoy jogging, swimming and fitness when I’ve got time. I love keeping fit. I also love to paint when the mood strikes. I have a really wide range of hobbies and interests.

Can you tell us a little bit about your modelling career? How did you get started and where can we see you?
DJ Mari Ferrari: To be honest, I never actually worked as a model per se. This is the rumour started by the media. But I have graduated from the Model Academy of Slava Zaitsev (Russia’s leading designer) in Moscow. There was a time when I was doing all kinds of different things: music, model school, art school and actors’ academy. So, you can easily associate me with any of these professions, but I still prefer to be known simply as a Deejay. By the way, I graduated from a Deejay school in Moscow too!

DJ Mari Ferrari the Luxurious Interview 3What would you ideally like to achieve in the next 5-10 years? What are Mari Ferrari’s goals and plans for the future?
DJ Mari Ferrari: I want to pursue a lot of goals and have a lot of exciting plans. I am a very enthusiastic person by nature and I believe in success if one puts the effort in.

But, I can only share my plans for the near future as I believe that one should achieve one’s goals first and only then talk about them. This is my little superstition. In the near future, I am planning to carry on playing my music and also try to produce many more tracks.

I want my name Mari Ferrari to be associated primarily with the music. But just to give you a little hint, one of my projects for the future is to create my own Mari Ferrari clothing line. But at the moment it’s only at the stage of planning, though I really look forward to it. I hope you’re intrigued…

Where are you living at the moment? Do your frequent tours and travelling leave you any time for a personal life?
DJ Mari Ferrari: I currently live in Portugal, in a quiet and peaceful place at the ocean-side. It’s really beautiful and helps me to rest and relax with my gruelling schedule. As for my personal life, I have to confess that my heart is spoken for. I have a man in my life and he helps and supports me in everything that I do. Of course every now and then I feel the pressure of my busy schedule and the desperate lack of time, but when the feelings are real that shouldn’t stay in the way of a relationship.

Mari Ferrari – Thank you for your time, is there anything else you would like to add?
DJ Mari Ferrari: I just want to wish all my fans and followers a LOAD of DRIVE to make your every day of the week as fun as the weekend! And the weekends I will personally take care of!

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