Interview with George Burdon, Founder of Dynamic Lives

Interview with George Burdon, Founder of Dynamic Lives

Dynamic Lives provides luxury holiday accommodation. Luxurious Magazine interviews founder George Burdon about the company and the industry here.

With several years’ experience in the luxury travel industry, it is fair to say that Dynamic Lives owner George Burdon knows what it is that the discerning traveller is looking for. Since leaving his native New Zealand to create the luxury villa and chalet rental agency Dynamic Lives, he has lived and travelled all over the world. Luxurious Magazine caught up with George to find out where he gets his energy and inspiration.

George Burdon, Founder of Dynamic LivesLM: How did you get into the luxury travel industry?
GB: I have been travelling with my family since I was six years old, ever since our first trip to Fiji, an amazing set of islands in the South Pacific. The chance to explore the world, meet people, see new places, share new cultures and eat different food made it an easy decision to convert my favourite hobby into my day job. I have now been away from New Zealand since 1989; travelling, working and living. I’ve lived in places as diverse as Hong Kong, London, Ibiza, Chamonix, Sri Lanka and Verbier in that time.

LM: What made you choose the villa/chalet accommodation format?
GB: I’ve always loved property (building, designing and developing) and that was my route into the travel business whereby I could combine the two.

LM: The company name in itself is interesting. Is there a story behind it? Does it reflect your customers’ values?
GB: Yes. We created the name after looking at the profile of who would be our typical customers. We had guests who were regularly travelling for business and pleasure all over the world. They were taking lots of holidays and meeting friends all over the world in some amazing places. It is fair to say that they were leading very dynamic lives!

LM: Could you describe a typical week in Ibiza for one of your clients?
GB: Whilst there is no such thing as a typical week, there are certain themes that always seem to reoccur. These include, ensuring that they have ideal reservations at the finest restaurants well in advance. Guests also want to ensure that they have a private chef for the week to prepare their meals when they don’t want to go out.

Dynamic LivesAnother popular activity is to have a boat trip to the stunning island of Formentera and lunch at Juan Y Andrea booked and ready. Again, this has to be done well in advance. Typically guests would like to have one night with a private table and drink service at legendary nightclub Pacha. Other entertainment includes lunch at Blue Marlin and our recommended favourite fish restaurants, either Es Xarcu or Es Torrent and a dinner at La Paloma, one of the finest Italian restaurants on the island.

Finally, guests like to take advantage of our concierge services, such as taking a yoga class, having a massage at their villa or having a driver on call to be whisked home whenever they are out late.

LM: What is the most common feature clients ask for from a luxury villa?
GB: Naturally it is, “is there Wi-Fi?” which no one can live without. However the second would be the style of the house or property. Everyone seems to want a modern minimalist feel nowadays.

LM: Obviously there is fierce competition in the industry, what makes Dynamic Lives stand out from the crowd?
Dynamic LivesGB: Our personal concierge service, creative itinerary designs and our staff. We have always offered a very personal and creative service to deliver a holiday experience that our guests will not forget. The detail in selecting the right people to care for our clients is essential. Selecting the location for the group to enjoy and also ensuring that they get our inside knowledge in each of the resorts, some of which we have known for over 25 years.

LM: You offer your services in Ibiza, Sri Lanka and the French Alps (Verbier & Chamonix). What made you choose these particular destinations?
GB: I always wanted to work in the places that I loved holidaying in – with the activities I liked doing in my free time – and to have a second home in each of these amazing places. I also saw the growth in residential holiday homes, which I have invested in.

LM: Are there any other destinations you may look to expand into?
Bali - Image courtesy of Wonderful IndonesiaGB: We would love to expand to Sardinia in the future, and also to Bali. Both have a great rental market of similar exclusive houses and perfectly match our existing clientele.

LM: And finally, what is your favourite destination for your own holidays?
GB: For a break in the sun it is Sri Lanka. I love the people who are very calm, in part due to the prominence of Buddhism. I also love the abundance of fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. Sri Lanka offers great food and I prefer the way they cook curries – without oil, unlike in India. The population also have a great love for cricket, of which I am a massive fan.

In general the whole culture and the people ensure that your experience in Sri Lanka is one of the best. Additionally, it has that typical Asian hustle with lots of cars, traffic, rubbish, tooting and people that always gives a certain buzz when travelling.

To view the entire portfolio of villas and chalets available to rent with Dynamic Lives, visit the website at:

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