An Interview With Eight Ray Music’s Jayson Jaurigue

An Interview With Eight Ray Music's Jayson Jaurigue 5

LM: Anything coming up you’re looking forward to?
JJ: It’s been a brilliant summer so far, we’ve entertained at a vast array of top events and although it’s coming to an end I’m looking forward to the last of the summer events. That includes Rewind Festival in Henley-on-Thames which takes place August 18-20th.

It’s an eighties throwback festival which features a number of high-profile artists from the decade, so it’s always a pleasure to go along and watch.  We also have some very notable weddings coming up!

An Interview With Eight Ray Music's Jayson Jaurigue 6

LM: Celebrity weddings?
JJ: Yes, we tend to get a lot of celebrity weddings.

LM: Care to share which celebrities?
JJ: There’s a good reason we get a lot of celebrity weddings and it’s not just because of the talent of our artists.

It’s also down to our professionalism, we’ll never divulge details of the weddings we cater for to respect the privacy of the couple and their guests. It’s just one of many measures we enact that makes the very best wedding planners trust us time and again.

An Interview With Eight Ray Music's Jayson Jaurigue 7

LM: Can you give us an idea of the artists they book?
JJ: Everyone is different and the music taste varies from client to client. Our team are experts at finding the right musicians for every event, we work closely with each client to guide their choice and ensure they get the best possible service from enquiry through to performance.

A lot of the high-end weddings go for big, bold entertainment. They often elect to book our 8-11 piece show bands, which offer absolutely unparalleled entertainment – it’s a big statement to book a band of this kind.

The difference between Eight Ray and other agencies is that we focus on leading through creativity. We strive to provide music solutions that are current, we set trends – not follow them.

A good example of this is that most agents would suggest a standard string quartet or harpist for weddings, why the rich and famous elect to use us is because we offer something different. So rather than standard acts we would offer an artist like Okiem, who is a classical pianist with the backing of a 10 piece orchestra. Visually it’s incredible and the sound is truly mesmerising.

LM: Where can people view your artists?
JJ: The quickest way is to view our promo videos on, they will give you a good sense of what you can expect from each band’s performance.
All of our videos are recorded live, so by watching the videos you will get a superb idea of how the acts look and sound allowing you to make a really informed choice.

LM: Are there any artists who are slightly more unusual?
JJ: Unusual isn’t the right word but all our artists bring a unique vibe to their performances.

For instance, there’s Coleman Collective who perform modern tracks in a smooth jazz style or The Revue who dress to the nines for each and every performance.

I’ve already mentioned Duke, who create their sound using just three voices and a guitar. It’s hard to believe it until you see them live, they beatbox to create basslines and it’s absolutely unbelievable. It’s so worth checking out their work on YouTube.

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Then on the flipside, there is Okiem – the pianist with the orchestra backing. He’s a wonderfully talented artist who will be a star thanks to his original compositions. His genre has been described as cinematic classical akin to the likes of Ludovico Einaudi and Olafur Arnalds. It’s so powerful and moving to witness him live.

Also, our show bands are truly incredible and each has its own diverse line-up. These are bands that truly know how to get the party started and bring an infectious energy to the stage.

LM: How can someone book a band for a wedding or event?
JJ: Just give us a call or send us an email. We’re an incredibly friendly team and we will guide you through every step of the process.

We treat all our artists and clients like family, endeavouring to support them at every step and deliver the best for them, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to discover more!

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To view Eight Ray Music’s roster of artists visit their website:
Telephone: 01491 526 720
Instagram: @eightraymusic
Twitter: @eightraymusic
Facebook: @eightraymusic

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