Interview with Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss – Part Two

Interview with Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss
Backes & Strauss embodies all that Luxurious Magazine wants to see in a leading luxury brand, tremendous products, honesty, class and style. As long time fans of this wonderful jewellery brand, we had the great pleasure of interviewing one of the mainstays in the world of high end Haute Horlogerie.

LM: A large number of our readers associate Backes & Strauss immediately with fine timepieces, can you give us a wider perspective of what the company does.
VAK: The company is crafting über luxurious diamond watches and complimentary jewellery pieces for discerning clients willing to buy an exceptional product with a true British identity.
LM: Please provide an insight into the average day for the CEO of Backes & Strauss.
VAK: If I am not travelling for the Brand then I will have meetings arranged that covers all aspects of the brand. We are a small team and I am very fortunate that I am involved from design through to production of the timepieces and then participate in all marketing strategy and positioning of the brand globally. I love working with craftsmen and try and challenge them as much as possible.
LM: Backes & Strauss have a relationship with Franck Muller, please tell us more about this.
VAK: Backes & Strauss and The Franck Muller Group are masters of the art and science of their respective crafts. While Backes & Strauss is occupied with light and Franck Muller is concerned with time, both share a devotion to mathematical precision. The dial and case of a Backes & Strauss watch reflects the geometric symmetry of the Ideal Cut. Within the beating heart of the watch, the elaborately crafted movements convey a jewel-like beauty. The result of this meeting of masters is a collection of timepieces so intricate, they are veritable masterpieces both inside and out.
Victoria Princess Red Heart watch
LM: It was wonderful to see Backes & Strauss supporting Only Watch 2013. How did the inspiration for the Victoria Princess Red Heart watch come about?
VAK: We are absolutely delighted to be part of Only Watch and support the tremendous work they have undertaken in Muscular Dystrophy. Symbolically the Victoria Princess Red Heart best illustrates the love and passion we have for our children. The Victoria Collection draws its inspiration from the Backes & Strauss 19th Century jewellery archives. To celebrate the love of Queen Victoria for her husband Prince Albert the interlocking hearts were very popular. It seemed therefore natural for us to base this piece unique on a collection that draws on love and passion- and to help share this with the beautiful children who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy. These rubies have been carefully selected, not only due to their association with love and passion, but because they are said to represent vitality, energy and health, all of which are qualities that are integral to this charitable event.
LM: Which Backes & Strauss watch do you wear on a daily basis?
VAK: I am very lucky – I get to wear different watches all the time.
Tamara Rojo
LM: You’ve recently brought Tamara Rojo, the renowned Ballerina to the brand, tell us about this.
VAK: As a company proud of its British heritage I am delighted to be associated with English National Ballet the quintessential British dance company and Tamara Rojo as the brand ambassador of Backes & Strauss as through its creativity, the English National Ballet broadened the appeal of ballet throughout the world.

The partnership will involve a close collaboration between the two companies both in the UK and internationally. We will create products together with Tamara. She will not only be the face but also give us her insight and conception of beauty and elegance which are the most important values that this very delicate and feminine collection conveys.
LM: Aside from the role of CEO of Backes & Strauss, you are also involved with some associations, tell us more.
VAK: Currently I am Vice Chairman of the Armenian Jewellers Foundation. This foundation was recently set up to raise funds so that we can commission historians and experts to research the history of Armenian Jewellers through the ages.
LM: When people hear the name Backes & Strauss, what words and images do you want to appear immediately in their minds.
VAK: Craftsmanship…we live in an age where technology has facilitated everything in our daily lives. However, the diamond polisher, the watchmaker and the jeweller still have to be on top of their crafts and build years of experience.

Backes & Strauss is the celebration of the skills and capabilities of these wonderful craftsmen.

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