What are the Best Dive Sites in The Islands of Tahiti?

What are the Best Dive Sites in The Islands of Tahiti?

The Islands of Tahiti are a divers dream, but knowing the best places to dive is tough, there’s so much choice! In this list, we highlight the five best dive sights in the islands.

Divers come from all over the world to experience the warm waters that surround The Islands of Tahiti, which teem with life from adorable clownfish and magnificent sharks to awe-inspiring humpback whales.

There are dozens of unique dive sites around each atoll with expert certified diving operators curating the best experience possible. Regular encounters include manta rays whose gigantic wingspan eclipses the passing diver, schools of dolphin dancing along the surf, sharks at every turn and in the Austral Islands, humpback whales thrill lucky spectators.

Below are five not to be missed dive sites in the Islands of Tahiti.

Blacktip reef sharks around the Islands of Tahiti

The Marado, Tahiti
Located off Tahiti island, this is a typical dive spot perfect for intermediate divers with a depth of 20-35m. The dive starts off at the edge of a sheer wall before it plunges into the depth of the blue underworld.

Divers can expect to see an array of marine life including; nudibranchs, Napoleon wrasse, blacktip reef sharks, manta ray, trevallies and snappers.

White tip reef sharks off the Islands of Tahiti

The Mounts of Ceran, Taha’a
Known to be one of the islands most beautiful dive sites, this is one for the advanced diver. The water is so clear here divers can stop just off a ridge and observe the fish up to 15m below. Divers are guaranteed to spot white tip reef sharks, angelfish, marbled groupers and Napoleon wrasse.

Taotai, Moorea
Taotai has a sloping reef with a number of valleys, ravines and chasms. Home to a lot of coral and an abundance of smaller fish this is the dive site where the famous giant Napoleon wrasse called JoJo lives. Local dive instructors will point her out; she is over a meter long and playful with divers.

Tupitipiti, Bora Bora is one of the bets places to dive in Tahiti

Tupitipiti, Bora Bora
Tupitipiti is the perfect spot for keen divers. The site is situated a longboat trip south of Motu Piti Aau offering a spectacular dive with an enormous reef filled with caves, overhangs and swim-throughs.

Diving at Tupitipiti, Bora Bora in the Island of Tahiti

This dive it less about the marine wildlife, due to the patrolling white-tipped reef shark, and more about stunning blue, red, green and orange coral branches. It is the ideal spot for photographers looking to catch the interesting underwater terrain.

What are the Best Dive Sites in The Islands of Tahiti? 2

Tiputa Pass, Rangiroa
The Tiputa Pass is the dream dive spot for shark fanatics, located just off the shore of Rangiroa. It is home to a shark cave 35m below sea level. Hordes of grey reef sharks pass through the cave due to fast currents. Structures in the cave shelters divers from the powerful tides allowing them to see this spectacular marine life movement.

About the Islands of Tahiti

Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti consist of 118 islands and atolls, made up of the well-known Society Islands including Tahiti and Bora Bora, Tuamotu Islands, Gambier Islands, Austral Islands and the Marquesas Islands.

Known for being an artist’s residency to the likes of Gauguin and Matisse, The Islands of Tahiti are the birthplace of Polynesian culture. The locals are warm and welcoming while exuding a humble spirit and proudly sharing their traditions and heritage with visitors. The current Embraced by Mana campaign highlights the diversity of the destination, bringing to life the duality of seclusion and adventure and connecting all islands.

Access from the UK is usually via Paris or Los Angeles with connections from Air Tahiti Nui.

For more information on The Islands of Tahiti, visit www.tahititourisme.uk.

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