Italia Veloce launch the stunning Ribelle bicycle – usable, retro and artistic.

Italia Veloce launch the stunning Ribelle bicycle - usable, retro and artistic

Italia Veloce, the Italian workshop for quality velocipedes, Unique style and quality in a cycler’s bicycle.

Open country, rugged materials that tell a story, details from a disappearing world that are the soul of the Italian provinces, all combine to create the heritage of the new Ribelle, the latest model from Italia Veloce. The story of the Ribelle is told by the frame, treated with a special oxidation methed, by the details like the fine rope that covers the handlebar, the wheels that recall the country bicycles from the ’50’s and ’60’s, where the thick brown tires softened the ride on the rough gravel country roads – today they do the same in our cities.

History and tradition characterize the customized hand-made frame, with its retro look that perfectly integrates with today’s “delavè” (faded, worn) fashion style. This is a bicycle to use every day without having to worry about a finish that already exalts a vintage look. Scratches? Scrapes? Accidental falls? Italia Veloce has already left its’ mark! Every ding on a Ribelle frame is another story to tell – always new, always original.

Italia Veloce philosophy
The aim of Italia Veloce is to offer a top-of-the-line bike whose styling features artistic and cultural references, and to rediscover the value of making things by hand. Italia Veloce launch the stunning Ribelle bicycle - usable, retro and artisticMoreover, Italia Veloce wants to reconnect with the values ​​common to the Italian countryside, where individual well-being and quality of life is the envy of the world. Immersed in a world of traditional values ​​might seem outdated but now more than ever it’s the ambition of everyone. It’s about making a bike for leisure time, days dedicated to playing with the kids or enjoying a plate of pasta on a sunny piazza on a weekend in spring. It’s about a carbon neutral lifestyle where “going green” means not only being eco-friendly but also peddling on a stylish ride.

The Qualities behind it all
A foundation built on quality. The meticulous aesthetics, choice of colours and, above all, the unique design of the patented Arrow handlebar enhance the sense of speed and make the bike appear to be moving even when it’s propped up in the living room. Each bicycle is built by hand in the Parma workshop on 12 Piazzale Cervi by skilled craftsmen who, from father to son, have passed on the bike-making craft and an attention to detail that results in a reliable means for getting around town as well as a great piece of design. With exclusive and uncommon colour schemes, each bicycle is a trustworthy urban mover, a valuable object of design.

You can create and customize your own Italia Veloce on the company website as , it’s just like going to a tailor for a suit!

Each Italia Veloce bike is numbered with an engraved hand-made identity plate and comes with its own booklet recording that bike’s characteristics, which can then be entered into the Official Register at where already more than a hundred owners trace the life of their bicycle.

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