Elegant and Engaging, Two Words that Sum Up BMW’s iX3 M Sport Pro

Elegant and Engaging, Two Words that Sum Up BMW's iX3 M Sport Pro

BMW’s popular X3 SUV range has now got the iX3 electric, with the company rapidly adding full-electric models to each range. Competition in this field is intense, so companies have to be at the top of their game to attract buyers. Luxurious Magazine spent a week with the iX3 M Sport Pro model to gauge how it competes with rivals.

Recently I have been hearing journalists saying there aren’t any bad new cars out there now and they are all similar in looks, performance, and to drive. There is some truth in this; installing automation systems takes away many drivers’ connections with the vehicle. BMW is still building models designed for drivers, and their iX3 M Sport Pro is true to the ethos, and if you drive one, you will experience the thrill.

An image showing the driving position and dashboard

The iX3 M Sport Pro has plenty of space, a hugely comfortable driver’s seat with heating, and every possible angle of a movement powered silently. The car has great seats for all occupants who have plenty of space.

An image showing the rear seating for passengers

Based on BMW’s X3 SUV with the engine removed, the iX3 M Sport Pro has an excellent electric motor offering economy, performance and plenty of fun. The car offers some impressive performance with 282bhp under the hood. It’s a thrill when you place your foot down hard, and the car puts all that power into the rear wheels. You can easily cruise at motorway limits without worrying about the range dropping rapidly, and if you venture to mainland Europe, you will still be able to push the iX3 M Sport pro well over the ton.

A side profile view of the car being driven on the road

Handling is great, and even though a rear-wheel drive, you will never feel the back end break away even when rapidly cornering and changing direction. Easily capable of taking on long journeys, the BMW iX3 M Sport Pro makes you and your passengers feel comfortable and safe. The suspension and wheels cope with all that roads can throw at it.

The BMW M Sport Pro gives a 285-mile promised range which you will find is plenty for average weekly use. An electric vehicle now no longer involves worrying about range issues, the charging station network is increasing daily, and the process is simple now.

Charging whilst on a journey, you can choose to quick charge at a high-capacity station to get sixty miles of range in ten minutes. Use a fast-charging station to get the same sixty-mile coverage for a slightly more prolonged spell of waiting for twenty minutes. Using a 7.4Kw/h wall charger at home, you can fill up a sixty-mile range in two hours and fifteen minutes.

BMW has packed safety aids into the iX3, too numerous to list them all. You get a 12.3″ Drivers’ display, and a 12.3″ touchscreen console display gives the Driver and occupants clear information, be it safety warnings or what is playing on the music App. The HUD, Heads Up Display system is fantastic, informative, crystal clear symbols, easy to read, enabling your eyes to be focused on the road.

A three-quarter rear view of the car parked

The BMW iX3 M Sport Pro emits Acoustic sounds internally and externally when you manoeuvre to notify pedestrians and other road users of the car’s presence, an innovation that all electric vehicles should have for safety reasons.

Another lovely aid BMW has installed is their version of Alexa called ” Ask BMW.” Ask BMW to do something like changing the radio station, and magically it happens. You can even ask BMW ” take me home”, and if you have set up your home location, it will give you turn by turn navigation to get you home. This links with the HUD, which shows you directions.

The iX3 M Sport Pro is a luxurious vehicle, and although an SUV, its performance is similar to a sports car with great acceleration and tight handling. You get a practical car that can be used for almost any task and will perform well. The iX3 M Sport Pro is less expensive than its rivals like the Audi e-Tron 50 and Jaguar I-Pace, making it seriously good value for what you get.

The car being driven at speed at dusk

BMW iX3 M Sport Pro – Where and How?

There are two versions, the M Sport Pro and the M Sport model, considered the base car.

Slight variations for the M Sport Pro:

  • The Extended High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim and 20″ alloy wheels feature on the Pro.
  • Driving Assistant Professional
  • Enhanced Bluetooth with Wireless Charging
  • Folding Wing Mirrors with Auto-dimming
  • Parking Assistant Plus
  • Head-Up Display
  • Gesture Control
  • Front Heated Seats
  • Comfort Access
  • Backrest width adjustment
  • Harman/Kardon Surround Sound Audio System.

The M Sport is priced at £60,970 and the M Sport Pro at £63,970. More information on both models can be found at www.bmw.com.

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Elegant and Engaging, Two Words that Sum Up BMW's iX3 M Sport Pro 2

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