Exclusive Interview With Jamie Mackay, Founder Of Wheelhaus

Exclusive Interview With Jamie Mackay, Founder Of Wheelhaus

Simon Wittenberg talks to Jamie Mackay, the founder of Wheelhaus, to learn more about their range of products, in particular the incredible RoadHaus Wedge RV, a 250 square feet mobile luxury-office-cum-living-room.

Based in Utah’s Salt Lake City, and established in 2006, Wheelhaus supplies luxury modular homes to customers throughout the USA and Canada.

LM: You grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and your father worked in log cabin construction. Was it this that inspired you to set up Wheelhaus?
JM: My father worked in log cabin construction, which instilled at a young age, the value of quality construction that is built to last. My original intention was to buy a Recreational Park Trailer.

Wheelhaus Park Trailer

After looking at multiple companies, I realised that nothing was being produced that met my high standards. With this experience as my impetus, I set out to create the next generation of Park Model Homes. My intention was to provide the same quality and durability as the log cabins I grew up with while incorporating my father’s values of green production and modern design.

Wheelhaus RoadHaus Wedge RV

LM: What are the main products that you offer, and what is the price range?
JM: About half of our sales are the Wedge. The price varies between $95,000 and $120,000 depending on finishes. The remaining 50% of our sales are modular and different size units ranging in cost from $110,000 to $285,000.

LM: How many people do you employ?
JM: We currently employ 60 people at Wheelhaus.

LM: Who are your main customers?
JM: That’s a hard one. Most are first and second-time home buyers, as well as retirees.

LM: Can you design a modular home that is completely bespoke?
JM: Yes, we do it quite often for our customers.

LM: What materials are used in the construction of the homes, and how do you ensure that all practices are sustainable?
JM: Wheelhaus earns the Gold Standard in LEED Certification (a green building programme). Our homes are efficient, well-designed and take care of the environment while providing a great, liveable space. LEED-certified tiny homes use resources efficiently, as they conserve water and energy, and have limited CO2 emissions.

RoadHaus Wedge RV, Wheelhaus' smallest luxury home

LM: You have recently launched the new RoadHaus Wedge RV, Wheelhaus’ smallest luxury home measuring just 250 square feet. Please tell our readers more about it.
JM: The RoadHaus Wedge RV offers a living room big enough for a couch with a TV and fireplace. There’s also a kitchen complete with cabinets, a countertop, sink, stovetop and refrigerator, a fully equipped bathroom and a bedroom or office area large enough for a queen bed.

Inside the Wheelhaus RoadHaus Wedge RV

In addition, as standard, the RoadHaus comes with a covered outdoor deck offering outdoor living space protected from the sun and inclement weather. It is built on a steel frame with wheels so it can be easily transported to any site. Prices start at $87,800 with appliances and hardware included. Watch out Airstream!!

LM: There must be logistical challenges with transporting beautiful homes like these across the country? What are the main considerations to help overcome these?
JM: We have our own trucking division. It has its challenges, although we have these under control.

LM: How has the Coronavirus affected business?
JM: So far, it’s fortunately been business as usual. We are getting more calls and orders than normal!

Bedroom and Bathroom Inside the Wheelhaus RoadHaus Wedge RV

LM: Have you turned to online initiatives, such as virtual tours of your modular homes, to help generate business?
JM: Yes, we are implementing these as we speak.

LM: What are your personal luxuries in life?
JM: They are skiing and fly fishing. Living in Jackson Hole, you have an abundance of activities along with my eight days a week of work at Wheelhaus!!

LM: Thank you for your time Jamie, and it has been a pleasure talking to you.

Wheelhaus – Where and How?

For more information on Wheelhaus and the current product range, visit www.wheelhaus.com.

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Exclusive Interview With Jamie Mackay, Founder Of Wheelhaus 2


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