Immerse Yourself in Authentic Japanese Cuisine with Chef Koj

Immerse Yourself in Authentic Japanese Cuisine with Chef Koj

Most amateur chefs can turn their hands to a variety of international dishes, but, when Japanese food is brought up in conversations, it’s frequently met with an eerie silence. Thankfully Chef Koj has joined up with Learning with Experts to teach you the secrets behind making delicious and healthy food the Japanese way.

Most people have well-formed opinions regarding Japanese cuisine, with many thinking it is intertwined with mysterious tradition, specific timing and ceremony. However, most Western preconceptions are wrong, and an excellent example of this relates to sushi. You might be surprised to know that less than 10% of Japanese restaurants offer it on the menu!

Over the years, the perception of Japanese cooking has been anglicised. However, this could all be about to change. Learning with Experts has created an online course focussed on authentic Japanese cuisine, and the award-winning chef and author Chef Koj will be providing the feedback.

What to expect from the course
Chef Koj, author of No Sushi, will introduce students to Japan’s most iconic dishes, from the art of making the perfect Gyoza to Ramen so good you’ll savour every last drop. Koj will give you lifelong skills and the confidence to continue working with Japanese ingredients solo, as well as the chance to come up with your own unique spin on staple dishes such as Tonkatsu, Okonomiyaki and Yakitori.

A delicious and healthy Japanese meal

Each class is taken in an intimate group, using the latest pioneering technique of online social learning, broadcast-style videos, and personalised feedback on your work from Koj himself.

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture and build your culinary repertoire by learning not just the recipes but about the history behind them, regional specialities, etiquette and ingredients. Whether you’re an amateur or avid home cook, the course will transport you from East to West Japan, inspiring and educating each individual student.

Elspeth Briscoe, CEO/Founder Learning with Experts, added, “We first got in touch with Chef Koj because Michel Roux Jr, another of our acclaimed chefs, said he was one of the best in the business, and he’d be happy to make the introduction.”

On the course, Chef Koj will impart his culinary wisdom upon students and mark their dishes himself, providing one-of-a-kind support. The classes are capped to an intimately sized number of 20, creating a sense of community and encouraging interaction so that students can learn from their peers too. The course completion rate is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%.

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What else is on the menu with Learning with Experts?
Other Food & Drink courses available on Learning with Experts include The Art of Chocolate Making with Paul A Young, Classic French Cuisine: The Roux Way with Michel Roux Jr, Indian Cuisine with Atul Kochhar and The River Cottage Cooking Diploma, led by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and The River Cottage team.

The Japanese Cuisine course is available online now. For more information and to make a booking, visit

Immerse Yourself in Authentic Japanese Cuisine with Chef Koj 2


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