Jessica Zoob launches an exhibition of New Works Entitled ‘Passion.

Jessica Zoob launches an exhibition of New Works Entitled 'Passion.

A new and extraordinary art exhibition entitled Passion by artist Jessica Zoob will be exclusively on view at luxury property development, NEO Bankside, London from 5th – 20th August 2012.

Jessica Zoob - Feeling Good 120 x 150 cmPassion is Jessica Zoob’s most ambitious collection yet, produced on a lavish scale that pushes her distinctive technique to a ground breaking new level.

Layers and layers of paint are scraped back over weeks, months and years, with the final, brave application of over-painting with glazes to transform their look and texture again in a matter of seconds.

Passion is a celebratory collection of works inspired by her life experiences and joy of painting, which intertwine with both emotional and seasonal change: some vivid and tempestuous, some more delicate, whimsical and almost ethereal.

Following on from successful solo shows at the Medici Gallery, Passion has been three years in the making and pushes the boundaries of her previous work in both scale and complexity. The exhibition is an assembly of work with astounding impact and innovation.

“For me the excitement of Passion is the opportunity to work on such an extravagant scale. It is thrilling to be able to explore my technique and to see the work unfold in a way, which so far I have only been able to imagine. Jessica Zoob - Celebration 2 170 x 225 cmI believe in being brave and in living in the moment, and that is absolutely writ large within these works. Sometimes I almost don’t breathe when I am working in this way in case I destroy the delicacy of what I have created. It can be absolutely terrifying,” says Jessica Zoob, artist.

“In two of Passion’s canvases, she has allowed the vividity, boldness and sheer energy of colour to burst out unrestrained. It is a shock – the sort that makes your heart race and your mouth go dry, which is exactly how she herself feels when she looks at them.

She knows there will be a Marmite reaction – “people will either love them or hate them, it is not the sort of impact you could feel half-hearted about” – but for the record, I think these paintings are the best she has ever produced. Electrifying, elemental and powerful, they are the manifestation of her constant quest to push herself to a whole new level,” says Helen Chislett, journalist, Art of England Magazine.“The application of glazes can cause some surprises too – including the almost magical appearance of iridescent, ice-like crystals in the ‘winter’ scene of Passion.”

“Zoob’s use of line, texture and colour recall the work of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings and the poetic quality of Claude Monet’s later works. However, they are rich in imagination with an innate energy and beauty all of their own.” – Leonie Irvine, Medici Gallery.

“Jessica Zoob creates abstract worlds in which the imagination can roam freely and pleasurably through deeply-layered, impressionistic landscapes. I find her work both emotive and engaging.” – Nicole Swengley, journalist, Financial Times “How to Spend It” magazine.

Jessica Zoob - Passion 4 200 x 255 cmWith over 30 individual pieces, works within the collection are entitled ‘Passion’, ‘Midsummer Dreaming’, ‘Celebration’, ‘Still Water’, ‘Dancing Lines’, ‘Quiet Smile’ and ‘Cevenne Autumn’. They range in scale from 19 x 19 cm miniatures to the epic Passion: a story in six parts and roughly spanning 14 metres, which is designed to entirely surround the viewer.

Passion by Jessica Zoob will showcase at NEO Bankside from 5th–20th August 2012 (previews available from 2nd July). Viewings are by appointment only.

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