Flavoured Vodkas from JJ Whitley Prove to be a Cracker

Flavoured Vodkas from JJ Whitley Prove to be a Cracker

Crackers of all types are popular at Christmas, and I am sure this will be the case with a selection of Vodkas from JJ Whitley. The brand has produced a sample selection of their flavoured Vodkas designed as Christmas crackers. Jeremy Webb pulled some open, all in the name of research.

I confess I don’t drink a lot, but I like Vodka with fresh orange juice, so when I heard about the Christmas Cracker collection from JJ Whitley featuring some of their flavours, I was eager to have a taste. Six fruity flavours are in the Cracker selection, Passion Fruit, Watermelon and Lime, Vanilla, Artisanal Russian, Blue Raspberry and my favourite Blood Orange.

Served neat, they are all delicious, and I would not choose to add a mixer, so you experience the full flavours.

JJ Whitley was not a drinks brand I was aware of until I saw their Christmas sample selection, but it has been around since 1792. They produce an extensive range of Vodka, which is distilled in St Petersburg so authentically Russian. You may not have heard of them either, but if you purchase the Christmas Cracker set for yourself or as a present, I am sure you will want to taste more of their products.

The Christmas Cracker sampling box consists of six bottles of 5 cl minis, each offering a different fruity flavour. All the flavours in the samples can be bought in full size 75 cl bottles starting at £16. The festive box is £19 and is available anywhere online and in supermarkets.

The cracker collection with the miniature bottles of vodka

JJ Whitley has also launched two new flavours that can be sampled in the Christmas Cracker set. Blue Raspberry and Gold Artisanal Vodka sound and look fantastic with distinctive bottles. The Blue Raspberry boasts ripe muddled raspberry and blueberry compote which is sumptous on the palate, with rich summer raspberry refreshing on the nose and a smooth, silky finish. The stunning metallic bottle is wonderfully eye-catching, and the brilliant, bright blue liquid tastes delicious.

This Christmas, you can give the gift of Gold just like the Magi, with the new Gold Artisanal Russian Vodka. To distil it, it is produced from the best quality Russian winter wheat and water from JJ Whitley’s Artisan well. The spirit then goes through a unique process whereby it slowly passes through a filter of the most exemplary gold silk thread, elevating this premium and smooth tasting Vodka and providing a new tasting experience and bottle worth sharing.

Sampling the minis gives you the benefit of tasting the flavours without purchasing a full-sized bottle and finding out it is not for you.

JJ Whiteley has come up with some cocktails for you to experiment with over the festive period, using their flavoured Vodka as a base.

Gold Artisanal Russian Vodka Cocktails

Suggestion #1
JJ Whitley Gold Artisanal Vodka
Squeeze of lemon
Highball glass
Gold dusted lemon wedge.

Suggestion #2
JJ Whitley Gold Artisanal Vodka
Runny honey
Squeeze of lemon
Martini Glass

If you want a cracking Christmas full of merriment, then the selection from JJ Whitley will deliver. Packed full of fruit flavour, each bottle is delightful and a superb gift for a lover of Vodka.

JJ Whitley Flavoured Vodkas – Where and How?

The set includes Vanilla, Passionfruit, Artisanal, Watermelon & Lime, Blue Raspberry and Blood Orange and is priced at £19.00. To find out more about the flavoured and natural Vodkas, please visit, https://jj-whitley.com.

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Flavoured Vodkas from JJ Whitley Prove to be a Cracker 2


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