The Inspiration Behind Jonathan Hansen’s Ciels Bleus Porcelain Collection

Designer Jonathan Hansen’s Ciels Bleus Porcelain Collection

Inspired by Baroque palaces and churches, Jonathan Hansen’s Ciels Bleus collection is a beautiful hand-painted porcelain collection on Marie Daâge’s signature hand-crafted Limoges porcelain.

Created in collaboration with esteemed French table design brand Marie Daâge, Ciels Bleus is New York-based designer Jonathan Hansen’s latest signature porcelain collection.

Made in Limoges, France, and inspired by the ceilings of Renaissance and Baroque edifices throughout Europe, the blue-sky cloudscape dinnerware set is hand-crafted in porcelain with hand-painted brushwork by Marie Daâge’s internationally renowned local artisans.

Jonathan Hansen Ciels Bleus plate

In choosing the theme of the blue sky, Hansen builds on the motif’s many historical undertones and interpretations – the sky as a boundless organic space and its representation as evocative of a contemplative and meditative state often referenced in religious history.

Based on a figurative theme, the designs acquire an abstract essence, achieving a subtle balance between realism and an aspired dream-like perception. Likewise influenced by the Baroque grandeur of her native Austria, Marie Daâge’s colour compositions build on a complex palette, the result of several hour-long hand-mixing processes sometimes involving up to 10 powders to attain the right hue.

Working with select painters, she trains them to translate both Hansen’s and her design aesthetic onto each piece. The artisans’ skilled brushwork plays on a distinct pressure and flourish: rather than filling in colour to pattern lines, the fluidity, movement and seeming translucence of the figures is the result of light, quick strokes, calling for a very precise hand.

Ciels Bleus Porcelain Collection

The resulting collection, comprised of a dinnerware set and decorative pieces, imparts both a traditional style and contemporary étiquette. Analogous to a hand-picked fashion garde-robe, as Marie Daâge describes, the Ciels Bleus collection radiates a sense of permanence and cachet – one exclusive to the distinct and limited environment in which the pieces are produced and which grants each design with a peculiar uniqueness.

The Ciels Bleus Porcelain Collection is available for pre-order on leading design and fashion retailer Moda Operandi from August 4, 2020, and will be launched internationally through various retailers in October 2020.

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The Inspiration Behind Jonathan Hansen’s Ciels Bleus Porcelain Collection 2


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