Kabuto Motorcycle Helmets Razor Sharp Designs Cut A Dash

Kabuto Motorcycle Helmets Razor Sharp Designs Cut A Dash

Kabuto is a Japanese company making sharp looking motorcycle helmets. Connected to Honda Motorcycles, the brand takes the tradition of Samurai head protection and brings this into their 21st-century safety helmets.

Imagine preparing yourself for battle, meticulously putting on your armour and just before you make the first move, you adorn your helmet. Throughout history, warriors have partaken in this ritual; Japanese Samurai were attached to each piece of their armour with their Kabuto (helmet) treated with much respect.

The comparisons with motorcyclists are uncanny as the true riders go through a similar preparation before they ride. Replace armour for motorcycle clothing and the Kabuto for a safety helmet, and you know the majority of bikers treat their helmets with the same respect.

Kabuto helmet on a bike tank in red white and blue

It is essential to wear a good quality helmet that fits perfectly, so I never compromise and research thoroughly before purchasing one. I also do this before reviewing any offered to me, and I don’t accept many.

I had not previously heard of Kabuto until the press release came through, and I eagerly viewed the available models here in the UK. The brand is distributed here through Honda motorcycle dealers and online. I looked into the brand, reading all the information I could find on them.

Various view of the Ibuki helmet

The Ibuki model grabbed my attention with its sharp lines and many practical features. The red and blue stripes on white looked beautiful, so when Honda said to choose one to review, I had no hesitation in opting for this one.

When the Ibuki helmet arrived, I was delighted to be one of the first journalists in the UK to review one. I tried it on and was instantly impressed with the fit, build quality and lightness. The double-action ratchet buckle is an extra safety feature for opening the chin-strap and so convenient. It lies flush with the chin preventing chafing of the skin.

The helmet with the visor up

The Ibuki is a Modular helmet meaning the front can flip up to open up the helmet allowing the rider ease of fitting and to speak to people more clearly than when in Full Face mode. An integrated Sun-Visor activated by a slide switch provides convenient shielding of bright sunshine. Operating this always makes me pretend I am flying an X-wing Fighter. Yes, I haven’t grown up.

All helmet manufacturers are constantly looking for more technology and innovative ideas to improve their models. Kabuto has packed in plenty of technology to the Ibuki and all their helmet range. Their helmets have slots within the padding to accommodate glasses preventing the pinching, which can occur when riders slide their glasses in. Like Graham Chapman said about Lotus cars, Kabuto builds lightness into their models, significantly improving owners’ comfort.

Comfort for the rider is a primary consideration when purchasing a helmet, so as well as weight, you must look at fit, including the type of padding. Here Kabuto does not scrimp on high-quality padding, which moulds around your head and smoothly. The material also has inbuilt MOFF, which is deodorisation of the interior. MOFF is developed with a new odour elimination nanotechnology, never done before. Instant deodorisation with an environmental-friendly nature.

Unique on the Ibuki is the use of CUPRO/ESTER COMPOSITE HIGH-FUNCTION FIBRE. It is a High-function fibre with material specially composited with cupro and functional polyester. It provides superior cooling performance, quick moister absorption and desorption, and UV protection.

A rear view of the Ibuki helmet

The Ibuki from Kabuto is an excellent helmet; it has high sound dampening, and the superb padding keeps it comfortable even over long journies. I love the technology built-in, and the lightness is a considerable advantage. Using a term from motorcycling, it is a head-turner for both the rider and onlookers who love the helmet’s look.

Kabuto Helmets – Where and How?

Kabuto helmets were formed in 1982 and are now one of Japan’s leading motorcycle and bicycle helmet producers. The company is family-owned and has a passion for manufacturing high performance, technically advanced helmets. Safety is their primary concern and the style. The helmets are available through dealers. For more information, contact your local dealer or visit www.honda.co.uk.

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