Kennett Timepieces – Stylish and Classic British Watches

Kennett Timepieces - Stylish and Classic British Gents Watches

Kennett Timepieces are a British watch company that produce stylish, classically styled watches at a price point that will delight both ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

British manufacturing is often touted as being a declining part of the country’s economy but lets not forget that Great Britain is still one of the largest manufacturers of goods in the world. It’s companies like Kennett Timepieces that keep the tradition of fine craftsmanship going by creating well made, aesthetically pleasing products that the international marketplace want and importantly, at a price level that makes it accessible to all.

Kennett Timepieces - Stylish and Classic British Ladies Watches

The Kennet Timepieces Story

They say necessity is the mother of invention but in Tom Kennett’s case it proved to be the father. In 2009, Tom was toiling with the idea of what to buy his father for his 60th birthday. His father – notoriously hard to buy for – had every gadget you could imagine and was a patented inventor himself. However, both Tom and his father shared a passion for timepieces and that became the inspiration for Tom to design his first watch (The Savro) for his father.

Kennett is truly ‘British at heart’; Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, with British style heritage embodied into each of their watch collectionsThe Savro design attracted widespread praise and brand ‘Kennett’ was born. Tom left his position working in father Jonathan’s high tech company in the US, investing all his time and savings into making an impact in the timepiece industry. The Kennett ethos is simple, emanating from Tom’s rich family heritage in innovation and inventions. Tom’s great grandfather was a developmental chemist and produced some of the first synthetic plastics, his grandfather invented automatic farm equipment and his father has invented some of the most advanced printing technology.

Kennett is truly ‘British at heart’; Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, with British style heritage embodied into each of their watch collections. The design of the timepieces is done at their UK design Studio based within the Kennett Headquarters where the assembly and distribution of their timepieces is performed.

As mentioned previously, the key to Kennetts ongoing success is the simple philosophy of versatile, attractive designs at affordable prices without compromising quality at both at home and overseas. Having spoken to Kennett, it’s true to say that they really are decent, nice people and do value their customers, striving for excellence in design and reliability and value for money as the brand grows.

Kennett’s view on the brand: ‘Britain is renowned for setting trends and style that stand the test of time. Individuals that invest in our brand are independent tastemakers that others aspire to. From utilitarian chic to classic sophistication there is a Kennett Timepiece to compliment every situation. Wearing a Kennett is about more than just telling the time, it tells a story of style and integrity.’

Development and design are performed at Kennett's UK headquarters

The Development Process

Kennett sources from select international suppliers, the finest materials including mother of pearl, ceramic, high grade 316 stainless steel and coatings. These components are assembled using fully qualified technicians, with the highest of quality standards. They produce a timepiece fit for any wrist or occasion. Design, final quality checks, distribution and repairs are all undertaken at their British headquarters.

Current models within the Kennett Timepieces collection include for ladies: Ceramic, The Elie, Ladies Savro, and for gents: The Altitude, Altitude Illumin8, Challenger, Savro and the Valour.

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