Kitchen Theory to Bring Multisensory Dining into Your Own Home

Kitchen Theory to Bring Multisensory Dining into Your Own Home

The UK hospitality sector is currently having to think of new and innovative ways to continue trading. Kitchen Theory has pulled the ‘cat out of the bag’ with an exciting new offering, the world’s first virtual chef service and multisensory dining direct to customer’s homes.

For several years now, food delivery services have served as a disruptor, offering a continuously growing number of food options at a wide range of quality and price points to consumers directly in their homes.

Even a number of Michelin starred restaurants started offering menus tailored to cater to the growing demand for higher quality in-home dining experiences. In light of the current circumstances, this move towards delivery may be the saving grace for some establishments, as many are now looking to temporarily re-invent themselves as high-end pick-up or delivery food services.

Restaurant Alinea in Chicago made the pivot towards delivery by offering to-go meals $35 (a huge contrast to their normal $300 dining experience). Here in London Ollie Dabbous has launched ‘Hide at Home’ delivery service from his Michelin-starred Hide restaurant, which offers wine pairing from Hedonism. Restaurant Hakkasan in London has reportedly struggled to keep up with order volumes!

So, will fine dining every be the same? Will chefs be able to justify the astronomical central London rents and overheads in the wake of this global crisis? And on the other end; will diners feel more comfortable enjoying delicious meals in the comfort and security of their own homes with family and friends?

Kitchen Theory's Virtual Chef and Multisensory Dining

But surely part of what makes a great dining experience is beyond just great food; an elegant table setting, designer cutlery & crockery, music, lighting, and atmosphere all play a role in our experience of the meal.

Enter London based gastronomy design studio Kitchen Theory who for years has worked with global brands to design immersive and multisensory dining experiences.

As of June 2020 Kitchen Theory is launching their ‘Multisensory Dining at Home’ service, as the name would suggest they are offering the opportunity to host your own sensory gastronomic experience at home.

Multisensory Dining at Home

This pre-ordered service delivers a 4 to 6-course menu (pre-prepared and designed for the host to finish in their own home kitchen), along with the tableware, table dressing, audio playlist, and other sensory elements such as texture cubes, projectors, wireless headphones, levitating plates and of course a virtual chef who hosts the experience on the evening, explaining the stories behind the dishes and wines.

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The experience is designed based on Kitchen Theory’s experimental research and culinary style, but a call with the chef in advance allows for the service to be tailored to the host’s requirements, skill level, and kitchen layout/appliances.

Kitchen Theory's incredible gastronomy

About Kitchen Theory
Kitchen Theory is a leading London-based experience design studio with an award-winning immersive multisensory Chef’s Table. It is led by Creative Director Chef Jozef Youssef, the team work in collaboration with leading scientists & psychologists to research multisensory flavour perception and push the boundaries of gastronomy, creatively applying the results in innovative commercial, artistic and altruistic projects.

Kitchen Theory's incredible gastronomy

The experience design studio channels their creative method and scientific research into gastronomy and the senses as well as their culinary expertise towards helping brands (from fashion and cosmetics to cars and spirits) create immersive, memorable & shareable moments on every sensory level as well as delivering sensory research projects, innovation talks, and workshops across a wide range of industries.

Kitchen Theory's incredible gastronomy

For those looking to experience the Kitchen Theory culinary creations and multisensory experience design; their design studio is also home to The Chef’s Table, the award-winning dining experience and London’s most immersive and multisensory chef’s table is usually open to the public as a supper club on the last weekend of the month or bookable as a private experience for a maximum of 12 guests. For more information, go to

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