You Bring the Culinary Skills, and KitchenAid will Bring the Honey!

You Bring the Culinary Skills, and KitchenAid will Bring the Honey!

‘Ah, honey, honey’ – From this February, two of KitchenAid’s most popular products, the Artisan K400 Blender and Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand Mixer will be available in a brand new colour that is guaranteed to conjure memories of days gone by.

Quality and performance aside, when you conjure up an image of KitchenAid products, the bright colours they are famous for are one of the first things springing to mind. For the many KitchenAid fans out there (you can count me among them), there’s some good news! Two of their most popular products, the Artisan Stand Mixer and the K400 blender will now be available in a brand new colour – Honey!

Although KitchenAid’s Honey colour is their nominated colour of the year for 2021, for many readers, the golden-orange hue is a very recognisable and comforting link back to the past when many kitchen gadgets were first coming to the market. This is no bad thing as nostalgia has become even more popular over the past twelve months and a combination of quality and nostalgia is a recipe for success in 2021!

KitchenAid's Artisan mixer and blender in Honey colour on a kitchen worksurface

The importance of colours
For many, how colours ‘feel’ play a pivotal role in planning décor. As a rule, people tend to gravitate towards one of the two Temperature Palettes: WARM – red, pink, orange and yellow, or COOL – blue, indigo, purple and green.

Those preferring the WARM shades, particularly Orange (or HONEY), tend to be instinctive, optimistic, and charismatic and the lightness or darkness of the hue can enhance or lift these characteristics, even more, boosting your mood and synergising your connection to space around you.

Trends in both interior design and fashion often align. HONEY is extremely popular as it works with every skin tone and in virtually any material for clothing or accessories. Used as an accent or paired with ochre and brown, it’s a soft, rich, sweet, reassuring golden-orange shade suggesting associations with natural earth tones, evoking emotions of warmth and comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at what the two new Honey coloured KitchenAid products can do:

KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand Mixer in Honey

Artisan Tilt-Head 4.8L Stand Mixer in Honey
The mixer comes with both a 4.8L and a 3L stainless-steel bowl; there’s also a wide selection of options from ceramics to quilted or hammered effect bowls to further personalise your kitchen design. Standard accessories include a flat beater, flex edge beater, dough hook and wire whisk. For even more versatility to indulge your creative flair, there are over 15 optional, dishwasher-safe, extras for the famous attachment-ready Culinary Hub enabling everything from slicing, grating, mincing, chopping and peeling, to juicing and spiralising, along with a Sifter & Scale.

Assembled in sturdy die-cast metal, the stable Artisan Stand Mixer fuses legendary design with outstanding engineering and durability making it, quite simply, the ultimate kitchen accessory.

KitchenAid Artisan K400 Blender in new HONEY

The Artisan K400 Blender in new HONEY
This machine has been designed to power through the toughest of ingredients including apples and almonds, carrots, kale and coconut. Even ice and seeds are no match for the stable die-cast metal base thanks to its 1.5 peak HP motor and unique asymmetric stainless-steel blades.

The blades have been precisely angled to work with the 1.4L ribbed glass jar creating a mighty blending vortex to tackle the most-tricky of ingredients head-on. It is capable of making ultra-smooth, soups, sauces and smoothies, packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, couldn’t be easier or quicker.

It’s a simple to operate machine thanks to its intuitive controls and three pre-set recipe programmes for crushed ice, icy drinks and smoothies. There’s a ‘pulse’ feature for tackling fibrous veg as well as a self-cleaning cycle. The ‘Soft Start’ option sets the motor at a slower speed to pull food onto the blades, then quickly increases to the selected speed setting to avoid splatter.

The adaptive motor and Intelli-speed Control is able to sense ingredients and maintains the optimal speed to produce the perfect taste and texture – whether silky smooth or chunky.

Given the stresses of the past twelve months, bringing some colour into the kitchen is an ideal way to help make things feel a little better. When it comes to quality, you’ll be hard-pressed to look far past KitchenAid. Their attention to detail is renowned and where they stand in the market is frequently indicated with a horizontal hand above one’s head.

Beautiful looking products with the brand new honey colour will bring back fond memories for many and should help boost KitchenAid’s ever-growing legion of fans.

KitchenAid Honey Coloured Products – Where and how?

The Honey coloured Artisan Stand Mixer has an RRP £599 and Artisan K400 Bender has an RRP of £279. They are available now from

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You Bring the Culinary Skills, and KitchenAid will Bring the Honey! 2


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