Maison Ladurée and Olympia Le-Tan’s Luxury Macaron Presentation Box

Maison Ladurée and Olympia Le-Tan's Luxury Macaron Presentation Box

Maison Ladurée and Olympia Le-Tan have teamed up to create a beautiful collector’s edition macaron presentation box. Extending this exciting collaboration further, the two renowned brands have also unveiled an exclusive collection of embroidered book clutch bags.

Tasting such delicious delicacies as macarons from Ladurée is demanding, but someone has to do it. I was fortunate enough to be sent one of the new presentation boxes containing nine incredibly moreish macarons of mixed flavours.

The beautifully designed box next to a multi tiered cakeLadurée is globally famous for its Macarons, but the company has far more than the French delights. The brand was established in Paris in 1862 when the Founder set up a bakery.

Louis Ladurée created such delicious bread that his reputation soared. In 1871 Louis moved into making pastries, and demand was huge; this further increased when his wife expanded the building and created Paris’ first Tea Room.

Ladurée macarons were created in the middle of the 19th century and were the brainchild of Pierre Desfontaines. He had the idea of taking two macaron shells and joining them together filled with a delicious ganache filling. Pierre’s creations tasted so good; the brand has not changed its recipe since.

Macarons are made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites whisked into a meringue consistency then piped into small discs. Food colouring is added to give the shells the colour of the flavouring cream, which will join the two shells together. Traditional flavours are raspberry, pistachio and vanilla, but modern trends have seen an enormous range increase.

The macaron presentation box brings together Ladurée and Olympia Le-Tan, two great brands. The Ladurée pastry chefs have designed a special macaron for the occasion taking inspiration from Olympia Le-Tan’s talents to present a citrus macaron enhanced by Ladurée rosé Champagne. Taking inspiration from the famous book clutch bags, Ladurée designed a macaron presentation box shaped like a book with gilt-edged pages. Encased inside is a scrumptious array of Ladurée delights.

The two Maison Ladurée & Olympia Le-Tan clutch bags

The two limited editions of Olympia Le-Tan and Ladurée creations are embroidered book clutch bags. These will be available only from certain retailers from the 15th of September 2021, and each collection is limited to just 77 pieces. The prices range from £829,40 to £1330,49.

About Olympia Le-Tan
The brand was founded in 2009 in Paris, where it reinterpreted book covers and their decoration. They turned them into highly- desirable crafted book clutch bags. Every Olympia Le-Tan bag is unique, made in a limited series, and hand-embroidered using French savoir-faire. Each product requires a tremendous amount of work and extensive knowledge of objets d’art.

A closeup view of what's inside the box

Unfortunately, I had to share the macarons as the family got a whiff of them and swarmed around me. I also had to give up the beautiful presentation box to my mother for her Knickknacks.

The coffee was intense and, as my niece said, not sugary and artificial. The chocolate was like a rich, chewy brownie in macaron form, and the pistachio was authentic and not marzipan like some pistachio ice creams.

Over twenty flavours are available from Ladurée either at their cafes or for home delivery. My particular favourites are Strawberry and Caramel.

Maison Ladurée & Olympia Le-Tan macaron presentation box

They use the best ingredients, so the macarons taste exactly as named. The epitome of luxury and decadence, the presentation box makes a superb gift for that special person in your life or a treat for yourself.

Ladurée – Where and How?

Ladurée has three stores in central London. You can partake in one of their renowned Afternoon Teas, which feature macarons as you would expect. Nine Macarons cost £28 and are presented in the exquisite box, which is available at Ladurée from 13 September 2021.

Ladurée has an extensive range of presentation boxes starting at £20 and going in the hundreds. One that caught my eye is the Napoleon III in a gorgeous purple colour. You can learn more about this along with more information on their tasty creations at

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