Lanserhof Sylt Opens and is the First Lanserhof Located on an Island

Lanserhof Sylt Opens and is the First Lanserhof Located on an Island

In summer 2022, Lanserhof Sylt opened on the island of Sylt, a place known as the ‘Hamptons of Germany‘. Sylt was chosen as the location for the company’s most expansive European health resort as it boasts a healing climate and refreshing sea air, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Lanserhof Sylt was a €120 million five-year project and is now completed. Overseeing the Sylt programme is Medical Director Dr Jan Stritzke, a specialist in cardiological rehabilitation for acute and chronic illnesses, who, by using state-of-the-art cutting-edge medicine, will be offering a wide range of services ranging from medical consultations to individual therapies.

Inside the lodge at the resort

The newly opened resort has 55 rooms and suites, located beneath Europe’s largest thatched roof, with a combined guest area of over 20,000m2. Aside from the resort’s spectacular main building, the design team has also created indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, which are connected and use a counter-current system.

Other standout features include a five-storey freestanding spiral staircase and a continuous glass facade, which is said to be the largest on Sylt. The glass facade creates the impression that the thatched roof is floating, giving the building a weightless character that blends into the landscape.

An image showing how the balconies are integrated into the roof

All guest rooms benefit from a private balcony cut into the building’s thatched roof. The balconies are said to be the first of their kind and provide panoramic views of the dunes and sea and, of course, an abundance of the healing sea air.

A view inside one of the rooms from the bathroom

The rooms range in size, starting from 39m2 Double Rooms, with some featuring beds with the innovative FreshBed technology to ensure guests get the best night’s sleep possible. The rooms also boast human-centric lighting, which is said to create harmony with the natural biorhythm.

Lanserhof Sylt was designed by Christoph Ingenhoven, an internationally renowned architect who has opted to use only sustainable, non-emitting materials for the project. Christoph’s inspiration came from the climate and surrounding area and how the low-storeyed Frisian houses are built using thatch, glass and wood.

An images showing the curved features in the building

There is liberal use of curves in the resort’s design, and this was to mirror the island’s dunes. The use of colours and materials was also an important factor, with Christoph deciding upon a pared-back feel with earthy tones, organic materials and the strategic use of wood.

Sylt has always had a unique, somewhat timeless feel, and the new Lanserhof property has complemented this with its flowing, corner-less architecture. The combination of the island’s essence and the well-thought-out design of Lanserhof Sylt will no doubt help to put the mind, body and soul in order, something akin to traditional naturopathy.

A path leading through the greenery at sunset

About Sylt
Sylt is an island located Northwest of the German mainland and is reachable via year-round flights from Düsseldorf. Only 15,000 people live on the island, and the residents and visitors benefit from 40kms of fine sandy beaches and three shifting dunes, the only ones in the country.

The island is in the Wadden Sea, a haven for wildlife, flora and fauna and UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the summer months, whale watching is possible, and porpoises can be seen in the harbour all year round.

Inside the resorts steam room

About Lanserhof
The Lanserhof Concept’s roots are founded in Lans/Tyrol and were created following years of research and development by their therapists and doctors. For thirty years, the group has been a pioneer in health regeneration and prevention by using high-end diagnostics, the latest medical research and traditional naturopathy.

One of the high end pieces of medical equipment used at the clinic

In 2012 Lanserhof opened its LANS Medicum outpatient health centre in Hamburg, which has an interdisciplinary sports medicine team comprising physiotherapists, sports scientists, nutritionists and osteopaths. In 2014, they opened Lanserhof Tegernsee in the Alps’ foothills Lanserhof Tegernsee, which was acclaimed as the “World’s Best Medical Spa” six times in a row at the World Spa Awards. And in 2016, Lanserhof at The Arts Club opened on Dover Street in the heart of London.

The rates at Lanserhof Sylt start from 7,000 euros for a 7-night Lanserhof Cure Classic. For more information, visit

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Lanserhof Sylt Opens and is the First Lanserhof Located on an Island 2

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