Five Science-Backed Products To Help Improve Your Sleep

Five of the Latest Science-Backed Products to Improve Your Sleep

With sleep tech on the rise, we tested five of the latest sleep-inducing products approved by experts. Here’s what we thought…

I’ve always been a solid sleeper, that was until I experienced an all-encompassing bout of chronic insomnia. As it turns out, I’m not alone. A recent study by The Sleep Council revealed that a third of Brits endure poor sleep most nights and almost three-quarters (74%) sleep less than seven hours a night. It also showed stress and worry as the top reason.

(Important: A sudden onset of insomnia should always be investigated by your GP. If, like me, your doc has given you the all-clear and your lack of sleep is down to life stress, read on for some science-backed products that helped me.)

With so many of us struggling to get quality ZZZs, it’s no wonder sleep tech is on the rise. has seen sales of wake-up light alarm clocks rise by more than 600%.

It’s common knowledge that poor sleep is linked to a host of health ailments, like weight gain, depression and anxiety, and increased risk of dementia. Scary, right?

Getting a good night's sleep

So if sleeplessness is affecting your life and you’re thinking of investing in something more effective than herbal tea and blackout blinds, here are five products – backed by actual science – that helped me to sleep again. After all, quality sleep is a luxury we all deserve.

Sleep products reviewed in this guide:

Simba Hybrid Duvet
Casper Glow
Withings Sleep
The Gravity Blanket
Rise & Fall Bed Sheets

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