A Flavour of Latin America at Coya Angel Court

A Flavour of Latin America at Coya Angel Court 5

For the next course, and continuing the marine-based theme, the stand-out choice for me was the beautifully marinated and spiced salmon fillet (£18) which came with a serving of cold mashed golden beetroot and three portions of rolled slices of cucumber which had been subtly infused with mint. It was once again a delicious combination.

A Flavour of Latin America at Coya Angel Court 6

Being a carnivore, my dining partner settled on the “Chuletas de Borrego”, which translated as lamb chops with garlic chips and roasted tamarillo, which has the texture of a tomato, but the sweetness of a plum. These were joined by sides of “Choy sum Chifa” (£6) – Choy sum, soya and sesame seeds, and “Arroz con choclo” (£4.50), white rice with corn and sweet garlic. Everything disappeared with ease and we had both enjoyed what had been placed before us.

A Flavour of Latin America at Coya Angel Court 7

As the previous dishes were not on the extensive side, this meant that there was still room left for dessert or “Postres”. The warm Chocolate Fundido made with Fortunato No. 4 chocolate, which takes its name from a type of cocoa that the Peruvians thought was extinct, caught my eye, and coconut oozed out from the middle as you cut into it. This was complemented by cool and refreshing passion fruit ice cream. My guest, on the other hand, opted for the selection of exotic fresh fruit, which can only be described as a colourful mountain of cherries, red grapes, pineapple, Physalis, dragon fruit, melon and passion fruit.

A Flavour of Latin America at Coya Angel Court 8

After working our way through the former, we had been truly defeated, and it was time to head home and reflect on what had been a great all-round experience. The cuisine at Coya Angel Court really is first class, and coupled with the excellent service and laid-back Latin American ambiance, this is definitely a restaurant that you can bank on.

Coya Angel Court – Where and How?

Coya Angel Court is located at 1 Throgmorton St, London EC2N 2AT. For more information, or to make a reservation, visit www.coyarestaurant.com/angel-court. It is open Monday to Friday, and is available for private hire on Saturday and Sunday.

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