LZ-1 Electric Super Car this Year from Leo Motors

Leo Will Debut the LZ-1 Electric Super Car this Year, car faster than the current range of Tesla Electric Sports Cars

Seoul, Korea based Leo Motors, a company that specialises in manufacturing a wide range of electric vehicles announced that it will debut the LZ-1 Electric Super Car at the end of 2011. The LZ-1 Electric Super Car project from Leo Motors has been under way since 2006.

Leo Will Debut the LZ-1 Electric Super Car this Year faster than Tesla Electric Sports CarsNamed LZ-1, Leo Motors newly developing electric super car will have more rigid and safer body covered by carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. Leo’s long experienced automotive and electric engineers have meticulously crafted major parts of the car using new technologies emerging from the 56 patents pended or accepted. To make a true super car, Leo Motors developed a new electric power train which will exceed its precedents in acceleration capability while passing other cars in the speed lane and long up-hill driving.

The LZ-1 electric super car goal is to drive 249 miles on only a single charge; with a top speed of up to an impressive 161 miles per hour; exerting a maximum torque of 68kg/m generated from 240 kW electric motor, which would be a monstrous performance comparable with the mechanical performances of Tesla electric sports cars. The Tesla electric sports car is is known to have a driving range 249 miles, a maximum speed 125 miles per hour, and a maximum torque of 40kg/m using 215 kW electric motor.

Leo Motors LZ-1H electric super car with a 560 mile range

Leo Motors will also develop the LZ-1H electric super car using its plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Leo Motors PHEV technology uses the mix of hydrogen and LPG to fuel the generator inside of the super car which keeps supplying electricity to the electric power train of LZ-1H electric super car. Leo Motors new PHEV is a zero emission is different from others which use gasoline to fuel the generator. Using Leo Motors new PHEV technology, it is expected that LZ-1H electric super car will drive 560 miles per fueling.

Leo Motors has already completed the development of rolling chassis. John Lee, CEO of Leo Motors, is working with Wayne Draper and Steve Park, former chief designers of Ford, for the styling of the car. According to Mr. Lee, “Our goal is to make the new electric super car drive 0-60 miles per hour from the start within 2.9 seconds. If the goal is achieved Leo’s new super car would be the fastest among EVs including Tesla.”

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