Letel, the bespoke watch company providing a range of customisation from A-Z

Letel, the bespoke watch company providing a range of customisation from A-Z

Founded by Christopher Durrell in 1985, Letel is a bespoke watch company creating and delivering exceptional custom-design timepieces-a first of their kind that are branded in partnership with Uber Digital Luxury.

Letel, (which is an acronym for “letters of expression and time of exotic love”) has turned a simple idea in nature into a marvelous luxurious concept that embellishes a letter, an initial that relates personally, by making it a timeless signature, complimented by the company slogan ‘Discover the Write, Time! ‘

Letel, the bespoke watch company providing a range of customisation from A-Z

Focusing on the special features of one of nature’s most popular animals, a Black Panther, and nature’s most popularly used precious gems and stones, Letel derived it’s brave, bold, and beautiful concept. Designed to have a brave, bold, and beautiful appearance, these unique signature timepieces are Letel’s gift to those with a love for luxury. Each timepiece is fearless of its existence, displays a strong statement of a unique personality, and is magnificently crafted.

Designed for both men and women, these timepieces are a revolution of expression, a symbol of exotic love of each Client’s name.

Letel, the bespoke watch company providing a range of customisation from A-ZLetel has taken bespoke to the next step of personalization at a great extent, where each timepiece is one of a kind, meticulously crafted to the desire of each Client. The company offers distinguished customized quartz, automatic, or mechanical bespoke watches that are adorned with exquisite jewelry. In addition to selecting the strap, dial, color and type of material with Swiss movement, the signature collection for each Client can be customized with their signature on the case back, name, initials, horoscope, or personal art of choice on the body of the letter. Letel also offers an exclusive custom collection, which begins with letters A to Z, offering same options but includes a wider selection of precious stones, with Swiss movement. Exclusive customization options also include selecting from a rich variety of Swarovski, emeralds, rubies, or 18 carat plated or solid rose/yellow gold and diamonds. Avant-grade concepts and designs are adopted in the customization process.

Each client interested in an exclusive collection customization also has the option of selecting the type of strap, dial color, and case design that they desire. These customized watches make a perfect personalized gift.

Letel quotes tailored prices for the exclusive collection watches depending on the client’s selection. All watches are delivered within 45 days from the day that they are ordered, which can be done online by visiting www.letelwatches.com. Some exceptions, however, may apply to deliveries of more complicated customized orders. To ensure a timely delivery, orders for Christmas gifts should be placed well before the Christmas holiday season.

The endless opportunities offered to clients to customize bespoke signature watches following a distinguished quality service, is what ticks at Letel – the mark of excellence.

The company caters to its Clients with full dedication. When each timepiece is made, they bear witness to their dedicated service for each Client, and are privileged to offer this service.

“The letter watch held a very personal meaning to me, as it resonated from my name’s first letter. Name being an identity, the most beautiful music to ones ears, it’s an official signature when written to win all and know no bars.” – Christopher Durrell.

Letel, the bespoke watch company providing a range of customisation from A-Z

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