The New 4A Rated LG Signature TWINWash Washer Dryer Sets the Benchmark

The 4A Rated LG Signature TWINWash Washer Dryer Sets a New Benchmark

LG Signature has launched a new washer/dryer, which pretty much ticks all the boxes. For starters, the TWINWash Washer Dryer has a 4A rating which will be welcomed by many in these times of rising energy costs. It also looks great and benefits from new drum technology that reduces excessive shaking, resulting in quieter cycles, alongside a host of other innovative features.

The LG Signature range is home to the ultra-premium home appliances made by LG Electronics, and the latest of these to reach the UK market is the LG Signature TWINWash™ Washer Dryer. Bringing together a breath-taking synergy of art, design, and technology, this latest addition to the brand’s state-of-the-art product range is now available to purchase.

The washer dryer with the moon passing above it

With both functionality and timeless aesthetics at the forefront of the design process, the LG Signature TWINWash™ Washer Dryer (£2,399.98) delivers the ultimate living experience for the most discerning individual. The product’s enamel body is equipped with an easy-clean and corrosion-proof façade to ensure that the bright white colour continues to shine throughout the product’s lifespan.

A close up view of the display panelThe contrasting black glass door is both crack-proof and scratch-proof, with the display subtly slanted at 17 degrees for easy viewing. Inspired by the tranquillity of nature, the elegant yet functional appearance of the product is reflective of a deep yet soft moonlit sky reflecting on a calm midnight lake.

An exposed view of the drum's Centum System

Applying the latest innovative technology ensures that there is a smooth customer-centric experience, allowing the LG Signature TWINWash™ Washer Dryer to fit seamlessly into any lifestyle. The drum’s Centum System™ works to remove excess shaking, allowing for a quieter and longer-lasting product. Meanwhile, AI DD™ technology uses intelligent fabric care methods to weigh washing loads and assess fabrics to automatically select the optimum cycle for your wash.

A closer look at the auto dosing system

The machine also has a state-of-the-art Auto Dosing System, which detects and releases a customised quantity of detergent and fabric softener for each individual load. The product’s patented TWINWash™ feature allows customers to save valuable time on their laundry by providing the option to simultaneously clean two different fabric types or two separate colours. The machine also incorporates ThinQ™ technology, allowing users to control the machine remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

The washer dryer with its door open

Leading the market in energy efficiency, the new LG Signature TWINWash™ Washer Dryer is expertly rated 4A, with an average lifetime energy saving of £3,326, compared to the market average of £896*. Recently voted the best 12kg model in the UK by Youreko for its low running costs, energy saving and efficiency, the product has been expertly crafted to offer the most intuitive, responsive and functional technology, enabling smarter living for all.

A pioneer in the field of luxury home appliances, LG Signature has employed the latest smart technology throughout the design process of its latest TWINWash™ Washer Dryer, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in a sophisticated and luxurious lifestyle.

*Among all 24-inch front loader washing machines in the market in Sep. 2021

*The result may depend on the usage environment.

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The washer dryer with its bottom door openThe New 4A Rated LG Signature TWINWash Washer Dryer Sets the Benchmark 2

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