Insider Tips on Giving Your Face the Wow Factor on Freedom Day 2021

Some Simple and Fast Ways to Look Your Best on Freedom Day 2021

Over the past twelve or so months, many people have paid less attention to the way they look for obvious reasons. However, with Freedom Day rapidly approaching, people will once more be given the opportunity to reveal themselves to the world and, quite probably, ‘sans masks’. We ask William Foley for some straightforward ways on how to look you best when the big day comes.

July 19th, dubbed Freedom Day, is step four in the UK government’s road map in its fight against the pandemic. It is a day when most or all of the remaining restrictions are expected to be lifted. Many people will be filled with joy when this day comes, whilst others will be a little concerned about facing the world once more.

William Foley at the One Aesthetics Studio
William Foley.

The way you look is a significant factor in the way you feel. With this in mind, we ask leading medical aesthetician William Foley, a man who specialises in helping people look their best, for some insider tips, treatments, and techniques on how to bring the wow factor to your face when freedom Day 2021 arrives.

Giving your eyes the wow factor
Our eyes are what people look at when we first meet them, so as is often said, first impressions count.

My advice and what I do before heading out is to use an eye-brightening liquid. Using a product like this can really wake up the eyes and make them look instantly brighter.

Another product to consider is an eye gel with antioxidants; this too will immediately make the eye area look and feel hydrated. For the finishing touch, use mascara to make your eyes pop, and try shaping the brow with an eyebrow pencil to enhance the whole area.

How to get smooth, glowing skin
When my patients frequently ask me how they can achieve smooth, glowing skin and whether it is even possible. My answer is always yes, and it probably more straightforward than more people expect. Firstly, it starts with your cleansing routine; I believe this is the most crucial aspect.

Young woman in the bathroom exfoliating her skin

Exfoliation is vital to help dust away those dead skin cells that can make our skin look dull. Also, applying a Vitamin C serum will instantly feed the skin and give your complexion a healthy glow. If you’re after an insider tip, one of the things I do every day is to mix SPF with and Tinted lotion. The SPF contains brightening agents, and the tinted lotion adds colour and tone, which leaves my skin looking hydrated and smooth.

How to hide the wrinkles

There a few ways to hide or minimise wrinkles, these include:

  1. Plumping up with hyaluronic acid
  2. Using retinol in the evening
  3. Lightweight concealers and foundations
  4. Vitamin C serum
  5. Avoiding going too heavy with powders

Another extremely effective way is by incorporating radiofrequency and ultrasound facials. These are great for stimulating collagen to help reduce wrinkles; all of my patients are on this throughout the year. I’d also suggest having regular chemical peels as using certain acids on the face can really help reduce the signs of ageing. If you’re looking for a more integrated approach, there is also the option of having anti-wrinkle injections that will help to minimise those fine lines and wrinkles.

Two older women without sagging skin and wrinkles

Fighting against loose and sagging skin
Medical micro-needling is fantastic for loose and sagging skin and can be an excellent preventative treatment. Micro-needling stimulates elastin fibres to help create stronger collagen. The result of this is firmer, stronger skin which makes a face feel tighter and look more lifted. At the One Aesthetics Studio, we offer ultrasound treatments that are also known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’.

The treatment focuses on the SMAS (Superficial muscular aponeurotic system) muscle to help lift jowls, thus reducing the more obvious signs of skin sagging. This treatment is also excellent for people of a younger age (e.g. those in their late 20s) as it is an ideal preventative measure.

A head shot of William showing his incredibly smooth, wrinkle free skin

The basics and essentials
Wherever I go, I always take some essentials and try to keep to a routine. It includes the basics such as cleansing and skincare, tinted SPF, some fake tan for the body, as I find having a healthy glow makes me feel more confident. Another of the main essentials is vitamin supplements.

Healthy skin health starts from within, so by doing the basics and perhaps treat your skin to a tune-up at the clinic, you’ll not only look good, but you’ll also feel great.

William is based at the One Aesthetic Studio in Alderley Edge. You can see their full range of treatments, book a consultation and contact William by visiting

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