Lotus Partners with Norton and There’s Not a Motorcycle in Sight

Lotus Cars and Norton & Sons Partnership

Lotus, the legendary sports car manufacturer, has turned its attention to London’s famous Savile Row. The Norfolk-based car company has partnered with renowned tailors Norton & Sons to produce something extra-special ‘For the Drivers’.

Lotus is no stranger to collaborations and partnerships, but, this is the first time in the brand’s history they’ve worked with Norton & Sons. It seems (excuse the pun) an ideal fit, one of the most renowned sports car makers and a tailoring company who’s clothed some of history’s most stylish men.

To give you some idea of Norton & Sons tailoring skills, they’ve created garments for people such as King Edward VII and screen-icon Carey Grant, regarded as the most stylish British male celebrity ever.

Norton & Sons, 16 Savile Row, London.Next year sees the 200th anniversary of the tailors which puts the 70-year-old motoring brand firmly in the ‘youngster’ category.

Although Norton & Sons are based in London, their skills reach far wider than our green and pleasant land.

Over the years, the tailor has worked closely with the leading fashion industries in both New York and Paris, creating high-quality pieces for many of the world’s most celebrated fashion designers.

At this stage, exactly what products will come from the Norton & Sons and Lotus partnership is unclear, everything seems to be slightly hush-hush. However, if we had to make a guess, it’s likely to be various forms of clothing and accessories for drivers of the famous marque.

Norton & Son Director, Patrick Grant said: “The year I was born Lotus won the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship. Growing up, it was the definitive British sports car brand. James Bond drove a Lotus Esprit, and it was the car that every kid in the playground dreamed of owning. Colin Chapman is revered as an engineering icon, a pioneer and an entrepreneur of exceptional personal style. Norton & Sons have a long tradition of making for sportsmen and pioneers, so Lotus and Norton & Sons feels like a perfect fit.”

Russell Carr, Director of Design at Lotus, added: “Norton & Sons share many synergies with Lotus – we are both British brands built on performance, quality and timeless style. We are both disruptors with modern thinking, a purist aesthetic and a sense of adventure. Like our sports cars, the fruits of this collaboration will be handcrafted in Britain using British-made technical materials, and will have a genuine focus on ultimate performance through light-weighting.”

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Lotus Partners with Norton and There's Not a Motorcycle in Sight 2


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