Luxurious Magazine Interview With Lucy Hargreaves, MD Of Spiral Cellars

Bespoke wine room by Spiral Cellars

LM: Are all of your wine cellars, rooms and cabinets built according to bespoke designs, or do you supply ‘off the shelf’ solutions?
LH: Wine rooms and wine walls are bespoke projects, individually tailored to a client’s particular needs, designs tastes, available space and of course, budget. Neither our underground cellars nor our range of Soho wine cabinets is bespoke, but they do come in a range of various sizes (offering different capacities) with different options, trim and features to choose from. This allows for at least a degree of personalisation.

LM: What is the most outlandish request that you have ever had?
LH: We never consider the desire for luxury to be outlandish or indeed, anything out of the ordinary. What we do enjoy, though, is being handed a plan to design a project to a very particular and tight brief. Often the tightest, most restrictive client briefs produce the most interesting designs simply because we have had to be especially creative in our thinking. Similarly, we welcome the challenges posed by a small awkward space or delivering a project to a tight budget without compromising on quality.

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LM: What is the largest wine collection that your business has ever had to accommodate?
LH: This depends on whether you are talking value or volume. Professional confidences mean that I can’t divulge the former, but suffice to say that our wine rooms and cellars are safely and securely housing some extremely valuable collections in some of the country’s leading addresses.

In terms of volume, we often get approached by clients who approach us to create wine storage in a number of properties they are lucky enough to own, in multiple countries.

LM: Are you a wine connoisseur yourself, and what are your personal luxuries in life?
LH: I was once given a case of Gaja Barbaresco 2008 from Piedmont in Italy by a grateful client, which I’ve only just opened – perfection. And of course, being in the wine business, producers will occasionally invite me on a private tour of their wineries. Life doesn’t get better than that!

Lucy Hargreaves, MD Of Spiral Cellars
Lucy Hargreaves.

LM: Has the Coronavirus presented any immediate challenges for your business, and how are you looking to overcome these?

LH: Interestingly, we have experienced a recent increase in enquiries since the government introduced containment measures. With more people working remotely and spending more time in the home, they suddenly find themselves with time to research the home improvement projects they haven’t previously had time to tackle. Whilst we are currently unable to install cellars in clients homes, we are still very much able to help with the planning of their wine storage projects.

I’m really proud of my staff and how they are still working away discussing available storage options, reviewing building plans, designing wine rooms, generally helping customers progress their projects as much as is currently possible.

LM: Thank you for your time Lucy, and it has been a pleasure speaking to you.

Spiral Cellars – Where and How?

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