Lunaz Experiences Increased Demand For Its Luxury Electric Classic Cars

Lunaz electric classic car sales increase in 2020

Silverstone-based Lunaz is capitalising on buyers increasing appetite for greener motoring. Interest in their electrified classic cars has increased across the board with particular interest being shown in the firm’s Jaguar cars.

While many manufacturers plying their wares in the UK are facing severe headwinds, Lunaz is keeping their heads down and getting on with business. The Silverstone-based company has experienced a surge in interest globally as people look towards a cleaner way to enjoy the open road.

Two of the Lunaz models garnering particular attention is their Jaguar XK120 and XK140. Orders have been placed for both the roadster and coupe body styles.

Lunaz Jaguar XK120 coupe

It’s no surprise buyers are flocking towards Lunaz Jaguar’s, they do offer exceptional performance. For example, their electric XK120 has the equivalent of 700NM of torque (516lb ft) and 375 bhp thanks to the firm’s propriety engine which allows the XK120 to hit 60mph in only 5 seconds. And when you add the real-world range of 250+ miles, you can see why buyers are so drawn to it.

David Lorenz, the Founder of Lunaz said: “Lunaz is delivering on surging demand for luxury electric cars. An entirely new breed of customer requires a clean-air powertrain, who until now have been limited to functional and utilitarian designs. Lunaz responds by taking the most beautiful cars in history and making them a relevant proposition for an emerging and influential group of buyers. We are delighted to breathe new life and usability into these timeless designs.”

Lunaz Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur

It’s not only the Jaguar’s sparking interest. The company also received a commission for an electrified version of a Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur with Mulliner coachwork.

The Bentley will be heading one of Britain’s finest car collections, but it won’t just sit on display. The owner is planning to use the car as a daily driver, replacing their existing modern electric hatchback.

Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur with Mulliner coachwork

Following this, Lunaz has confirmed it will be doing a limited production run of all models across the Bentley Continental family (1955-1965). The models will be available in Drophead and Coupe body styles, and the order books for 2021 delivery are now open.

Over the years, and based upon our own experience, we’ve consistently regarded Bentley’s as the best motors money can buy. But, Bentley does have a significant rival, and it would be remiss of us not to mention them.

That brand is, of course, Rolls-Royce and Lunaz have also turned their skills to this incredible marque. Currently in final testing and proving are a 1956 Cloud and a 1961 Phantom V. All the testing for the cars was carried out in accordance with government guidelines.

Electric car parking space in London

First deliveries of the cars will take place in the final quarter of 2020, and according to Lunaz, some leading hospitality establishments are interested in early allocations.

When you think about it, it does make complete sense to have a Lunaz classic at something like a country hotel. Just imagine being chauffered into town in a beautiful classic and then being taken back to a luxurious hotel.

“The world is changing. Global legislation and shifting attitudes towards sustainability is driving demand for clean-air alternatives. Our electric classic cars represent the ultimate in up-cycling and sustainable mobility.

We are delighted to provide an option for a new generation of classic car lovers, in doing so preserving some of the most celebrated objects in automotive history.” – David Lorenz.

Prices for a reengineered Lunaz classic start at £350,000 and orders can be placed directly with the company. They are also able to convert people’s existing classic cars into electrified versions; we don’t have prices for this service as it is likely on a case-by-case basis. For more information, visit

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Lunaz Experiences Increased Demand For Its Luxury Electric Classic Cars 2


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