The Luxurious Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

The Luxurious Magazine Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

We’re just a few weeks away from the big day, and it’s time to start getting those gifts to place under the tree. We’ve compiled a list for this year’s Christmas gift guide that should include something for everyone.

Being Luxurious Magazine, many would assume that we would fill the guide with the most expensive, exotic and lavish things available today, but that’s not the case. Our 2023 guide features some products priced within reach of the majority, and none of the suggestions breaches the £1,000 mark. In what is a departure from previous years, our 2023 guide is divided into two halves, this one and a separate dedicated Christmas drinks guide.

Tech Treats

The RUGD Power Brick Brings Peace of Mind to Outdoor Fun and Adventure

RUGD Power Brick – An outdoor safety net
During the past couple of years, we’ve been encouraging readers to meditate and get outdoors more. We’ll get onto meditation later in the guide, but we’re focusing on the outdoors now. The RUGD Power Brick is a power bank that, as its name suggests, can take more than a knock or two. When out for a walk or hike, keeping your essentials usable such as a mobile phone, is extremely important, and if you’re anything like us, 100s of photographs will soon drain the battery.

The RUGD Power Brick is a super-fast charging, waterproof device with an emergency lighting system on one side, which is extremely handy when the sun is fading. It also comes with a carabiner clip to ensure you won’t lose it. We were so impressed by it we purchased another one, along with two of RUGD’s superstrong charging cables, on Black Friday. Click here to read why we consider it invaluable if you’re inclined to head outdoors.

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini watches in different colour combinations

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini watch
The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini is a stylish and discreet smartwatch that does everything you’d want it to do without breaking the bank! It is an ultra-slim (9.1mm) watch, which makes it super light (19g) on the wrist and is water resistant to 5 ATM. In what is becoming a more stressful world by the day, smartwatches are proving to be extremely handy as they not only help you to structure your day, but they also can keep you up to date with how your body is coping and the GTS 4 Mini does both of these with aplomb.

The watch boasts a 309 PPI 1.65″ HD AMOLED display with a 70.2% screen-to-body-ratio. Amongst its impressive features is it has Alexa built-in and runs for 15 days on standard usage and a remarkable 45 days in battery saver mode. Sporty fans will love that it comes with more than 120 sports modes, which are automatically recognised with its ExerSense feature, and it also comes with a Virtual Pacer function should you want to challenge yourself. The GTS 4 Mini has an endless choice of customisable watch faces, some of which are animated and editable and supports five satellite positioning systems to ensure you won’t get lost.

The biggest standout for us is it has 24-hour monitoring of one’s heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation; aptly, for these times, it can also monitor one’s stress levels. To help you to stay at the top of your game, the watch will send you alerts for abnormally high stress levels and low or high heart rates and will even offer you a stress-reducing breathing exercise if it feels you need it. The Amazfit GTS 4 Mini has an RRP of £99.00 and can be purchased from Amazon.

The Robosen K1 scout in a variety of poses

Robosen K1 PRO Interstellar Scout Robot
The Interstellar Scout is something that we’ve only recently experienced. What makes this an ideal gift, is it is suitable for everyone in the family and not only can it learn new things, you’ll be learning with it. The robot talks and has been pre-programmed to do all manner of amazing things that will astound everyone who sees it; however, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can also teach it to do more via the intuitive Robosen app. The bipedal robot is specifically programmed to have a human-like gait and is jam-packed with the latest technology. You can read more about what it is capable of here.

Henry Quick Lowers Energy Bills and Brings the Smiles Back to Vacuuming

Henry Quick Cordless Stick Vacuum
A vacuum cleaner in a Christmas gift guide – what kind of heresy is this? Rest assured, there are many reasons why the Henry Quick cordless stick vacuum is in our 2023 guide. Aside from it being a close-relation to a household icon, it is a brilliant and cute-looking alternative to power-hungry corded vacuums. Given that we live in a time of rising costs, particularly energy, the Henry Quick vacuum could knock a decent chunk off your electricity bill.

We found it powerful enough to handle even extreme cleaning chores; it can run for 70 minutes on a single charge, has a 1-L storage capacity, and, thanks to its modular design, can vacuum almost anything, anywhere. The Henry Quick is a thoughtful gift; you can read about everything it can do here.

The Mitchell & Brown JB-32FH1811DSMABL 32″ Android Near Borderless Smart TV

A Mitchell and Brown TV to elevate the home entertainment
One of the best things about Christmas is the TV. In 2022, we were introduced to the British TV brand Mitchell and Brown and were allowed to test their 24″ and 32″ Android models. We were amazed by the quality of the TVs, which are the ideal size to have in the kitchen and bedroom. One thing we particularly liked about these TVs is their warranty, which is an incredible seven years! Please click on the links above to read why we feel either would make an ideal gift.

Special treats

A blue coloured carrier in a lobby

Farino’s The Getaway takes the stress out of travel
As soon as the festivities end, it is odds-on that people will be looking out their windows, wanting to head off to warmer climes. Farino has designed something hugely beneficial for when it’s time to board the plane. It’s called The Getaway and is a cabin-sized case. It is also somewhat different from other common-or-garden case varieties because it is top-loading instead of having a side zip.

It also looks great and has some of the smoothest running wheels we’ve ever encountered, the type you’d find on rollerblades. In addition to it being cabin-sized, its design also makes it extremely handy when it comes to shopping and moving from meeting to meeting. For more information on the Getaway, click here.

Out-Take's Stu is a Stunning Tribute to Ian Stewart, 'The Sixth Rolling Stone'

STU – A treat that is worth more than its cover price
The book titled STU would be a very special Christmas gift. Although it is the priciest gift in this year’s guide, it is likely the only gift that will increase in value. The leather-bound book is a work of art in its own right and beautifully explains the contribution made by Ian ‘Stu’ Stewart to one of the world’s most iconic musical acts, the Rolling Stones.

Also within this extraordinary limited edition collection is a numbered and signed limited edition print of Ian by Ronnie Wood, and to be frank, the print is probably worth at least as much as the price of the collector’s set. Read our dedicated feature on it here.

The beautiful packaging that comes with the pepper infused variety

To’ak Chocolate
To’ak chocolate almost went into the ‘Treats for the taste buds’ section of the gift guide, but given its backstory, it is better suited to be in this section. Aside from being regarded as the finest chocolate in the world, To’ak is also partly responsible for helping restore a natural wonder.

To’ak chocolate is made from cacao beans that come from the Nacional tree, which for around a century was thought to be extinct. A few years ago, local farmers and the team discovered the last few remaining (DNA-tested) trees in a valley in Ecuador and thanks to an incredible effort; they are being brought back to life.

To’ak makes a wide range of chocolate products, from mini-tasting kits to limited-edition chocolate bars that come in beautiful wooden boxes that would not look out of place with the finest jewellery. You can see their full range of chocolate products on their website

Treats For the Mind, Body and face

Michela on her personalised orange Liforme yoga mat

The Liforme Personalised Yoga Mat
Christmas is known as a time when people will indulge. Unfortunately, some will indulge more than others, causing more than a few sad faces post-festivities. Rather than give someone a subscription to a weight watchers type of club, there are other, more gentle ways to prompt someone to get into shape.

Our suggestion is a Liforme Yoga mat, which can be used throughout the year and in line with our recommendation to take up meditation, we’d also suggest that people start practising yoga as it is great for the body and mind.

Liforme produces a wide range of mats; the one we have experience with is their XL mat which is also ideal for general workouts. All of their mats have a grippy surface, are eco-friendly and use three-layer construction. I found choosing one initially difficult.

However, my wife Natasha made things simple when she pointed to their website and said, “Isn’t that the obvious one, given that it’s Christmas?” She was pointing to the Liforme X Yoga mat, which would be a one-of-a-kind yoga mat designed for their body and personal style and particularly apt at this time of year; it can be customised with the addition of a person’s name along with a favourite saying/quote.

Liforme has created a handy guide and video to explain how to personalise the mat; you can learn more and place an order at

The contents of the QMS Festive Season Collection next to the box

The QMS Festive Season Collection
With colder, darker days upon us, although one’s body will be wrapped nice and warm, something that is frequently forgotten about is the face. This Christmas, give your face a special treat with the QMS Festive Season Collection, which contains Day Collagen Serum and Night Collagen Serum to plump, hydrate and revive the skin.

The set also contains Active Exfoliant 11% Resurfacing Fluid, which smoothes and clears dead skin cells, Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel, perfect for all skin types and the Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist to refresh the face instantly. The festive gift set is priced at £245 and is available from

A man wering the Muse S Gen 2 Brain Sensing Headband

The MUSE S Headband for meditation
Regular readers will know we are die-hard fans of meditation, which is a skill everyone needs to learn. Contrary to what people might think, meditation is not as simple as closing your eyes. It requires a learned focus to reap its full benefits, and to be frank, many people who claim to be meditators often do it wrong.

The only way you’ll know you are doing it correctly is by using EEG sensors, and fortunately, the MUSE S headband has these built-in. Read what it can do for you in our dedicated article here.

The Organic Pharmacy Overnight Repair Kit Christmas Set

The Organic Pharmacy Christmas Gift Sets
As its name suggests, The Organic Pharmacy is focused on natural ingredients and is the first pharmacy to dedicate itself to all things organic. The company’s products are made in its own London Laboratory, and each element within its products is sustainably sourced and meets the highest pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical standards.

For Christmas, the company has created a range of gift sets, including, Brighten and Glow, Intense Moisture Boost and a Party Girl Makeup Collection, which was in the running for this year’s suggestion. However, our choice for the guide was their Overnight Repair set which is priced at £59.00 and comes with a Retinol Corrective Mask 60ml, Retinol Corrective Serum 30ml, a Muslin Cloth and a Perfecting Skin Brush.

You can place an order and view the full range of The Organic Pharmacy Christmas Gift sets, along with their full range of products, on their website

A young female model using the sculpting bar on her face

The Jillian Dempsey 24K Gold Plated Vibrating Sculpting Bar
Every Christmas means that you’re a year older, and one thing that’s extremely difficult to combat is the visible signs of ageing. Jillian Dempsey, the wife of the actor Patrick Dempsey, was introduced to this product in Japan and, after following negotiations, was able to obtain the rights to bring it to the UK market.

The sculpting bar, as the title states, is 24K gold plated and is designed to be moved across the face, reducing puffiness whilst helping to define and contour the face. We tested the product thoroughly and found it worked! You can read the full dedicated feature here.

Treats for the taste buds

An open Quicke's Cheddar Cheese cardboard Tasting Box showing its contents

Quicke’s Cheddar Cheese Tasting Box
Quicke’s cheese is handcrafted, using milk from their grass-fed cows. Each cheese is clothbound and is matured naturally on their 500-year-old farm in Devon, England. The tasting box contains 200g portions of Buttery Clothbound Cheddar, Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Extra Mature Clothbound Cheddar, Vintage Clothbound Cheddar and Quicke’s Oak Smoked Cheddar.

Also within the set are tasting notes and a flavour profile wheel to help identify the unique cheese flavours and aromas. The Tasting box is priced at £30.00, and delivery is included. You can find more information on the company and place an order at

The zester shown grating some orange peel

Microplane’s Funk Edition Premium Classic Zester
The original, iconic Premium Classic Zester features 400 micro-teeth and is perfect for all citrus fruits, parmesan and other hard cheese, chocolate, ginger, garlic and nutmeg. With little or no pressure, the food slides quickly and easily from the blade without tearing, shredding or blocking, and it also comes with a protective cover for safe storage in a drawer.

The Zester is available in a design and colour to suit every taste – no matter how wild or exotic! For 2023, Microplane has introduced some limited edition handles for their Zester, which go by the names Black Marble, Skull, Ombre, Tropical and Safari. The Zester is priced at £24.95 and is available from

The Tracklements Festive Four Gift Set

Tracklements Festive Four (90g – 110g)
These four jars of fantastic festive flavour are perfect for the Big Day alongside the Turkey, Duck or Goose and bring joy in equal measure to Boxing Day cold meats, cheese and pork pies.

The boxed set contains the following:
• Spiced Plum Chutney 90g
• Christmas Spice Chutney 90g
• Cranberry, Port & Orange Sauce 110g
• Sticky Fig Relish 110g

The Festive Four set is available from fine food delis and farm shops nationwide and online at

A bottle of wine with the pourer and preserver on it

The Coravin Keith Haring Edition Wine by the Glass System
Whilst we’re on the topic of drinks, one tipple that frequently comes out at Christmas is wine. There is a staggering variety of wines available, and most wine fans have their own preference, which often leads to half-empty bottles, whose contents end up being poured down a plug hole.

Coravin has created a brilliant solution to this, and it is its very clever wine-by-the-glass system, which can keep a started bottle drinkable for years and covered with Keith Haring’s iconic artwork. We’ve written a standalone feature on this, and you can read why it made our list of Christmas gift suggestions here.

The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle, Perfect and Peerless

The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle
The same people who were taken aback by our inclusion of a vacuum cleaner will probably feel the same about this suggestion. A few months ago, we tested this kettle, and we believe it is the best kettle in the market, although its price wouldn’t indicate it.

As its name suggests, you can set the ideal temperature for the drink you’re making, and until we conducted our review, we were unaware that different drinks require specific temperatures! The significant advantage you get with a kettle like this is it saves money on electricity bills. A kettle, like a corded vacuum cleaner, can consume a lot of electricity. Reducing the temperature will save money by shortening the heating time. In addition, it looks great and makes the same noise you hear in an aeroplane cabin! You can read the full review feature we did on it here.

The Gift Guide Philosophy and the person compiling the guide
To the people who know him, Paul Godbold is considered “As tight as a duck’s backside”, particularly when buying things for himself. Even though he owns Luxurious Magazine®, he avoids overtly ostentatious things or items that he considers overpriced with limited benefits. All of the suggestions in the guide have been experienced/tested by Paul or editorial team members and were included as they bring joy or inspiration, are value for money or have the ability to enhance someone’s life.

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Paul Godbold

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Paul is the owner and editor-in-chief of Luxurious Magazine. He previously worked as a fashion model, was in the British Army and created companies in the technology, venture capital and financial services sectors. In addition to writing, he also proofs, edits, designs, lays out and publishes all the articles in the online magazine. Paul is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

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