Luxurious Magazine Meets Helen O’Neill, Clinic Director At Fix London

Luxurious Magazine Meets Helen O'Neill, Clinic Director At Fix London

Fix London is a one-stop clinic for rehabilitation all under one roof, a network of therapists offering physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, 1-on-1 Pilates and yoga. On hand is an experienced team of specialists equipped to help promote health, wellness and fitness to all ages.

Jamie Ndah caught up with Helen O’Neill, a Clinic Director and qualified physio at Fix London, to find out more.

LM: How long have you worked in the physiotherapy sector, and please do tell our readers a little more about Fix?
HON: I have worked in the physiotherapy sector for 11 years in private practice in the mountain town of Whistler, Canada. Fix is a multidisciplinary sports injury clinic with an exceptionally experienced team covering the bases required to overcome injury or
improve performance.

Helen O'Neill, a Clinic Director and qualified physio at Fix LondonLM: What is your personal definition of luxury? What luxurious item could you not live without?
HON: My personal definition of luxury is the luxury of time. Having started my own business over two years ago, time is a rare entity. I could not live through this period without Hendricks and tonic!

LM: What makes Fix so special when it comes to health and wellbeing? Can you tell our readers more about your philosophy?
HON: Fix is special when it comes to health and wellbeing as the team are all under one roof. They talk to each other and confer to produce a treatment program or rehabilitation programme tailored to each client. The philosophy of Fix is based on the organic mechanical philosophy as shown in our logo. It is an organic pebble symbolising the human body and the mechanical fix that symbolises the work we do to adjust the human body.

LM: Do you still have a passion for the mountains and winter sports?  Where is the most luxurious ski resort you have visited and why? 
HON: I love the mountains, and my passion takes me there several times a year both in the winter and summer. I really enjoy sliding downhill fast whether it’s on skis or on a mountain bike! Living in Whistler for six years was a 24/7 luxury, allowing me to work and play in the same place – a dream!

LM: Please tell our readers about your experience as a physio for the Canadian snowboard cross and slalom team, and the Canadian national triathlon team. 
HON: Working with both the Canadian snowboard and triathlon teams was an incredible experience. The athletes are the equivalent of thoroughbred racehorses tuned to perfection. They are very well looked after by a team of practitioners. Working as part of this team gave me the idea to bring this quality of healthcare to the amateur athlete. It was the reason I started Fix.

LM: At Fix, you offer the service of Physiyoga? Tell us a little more about Physiyoga and its key benefits? Can you tell our readers why Physiyoga has proved to be such a huge hit with athletes and celebrities? 
HON: Physiyoga is a blend of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the form of yoga asana.

It involves moving in a dynamic way to learn and feel an incorrect or dysfunctional pattern, and teaching them how to improve movement so that the brain can then correct this pattern and prevent it happening again and again. The clients can then take this specific information about their bodies into a class practice environment to gain more from each and every practice. It is really popular with athletes and celebrities because it is an active and partnered process of teaching and learning new and improved ways of moving. Athletes and performers will only benefit and improve their performance from this.

LM: At Fix, you treat a variety of clients from athletes right through to celebrities. Who are we most likely to bump into at the Fix headquarters in London? 
Fix LondonHON: That would be saying! All of our clients are celebrities in their own right. Being in London Fields, we attract a mixture of East London creatives from designers and artists to triathletes, dancers, lead singers, and everything in between. However we can share Kim Cattrall’s experience of Helen’s Phyisyoga with the Luxurious magazine reader here.

LM: Fix has been going from strength to strength since it opened its doors in 2012. What has been the secret to you success to date? 
HON: Fix was created to provide an excellent team approach to health care. The secret of this is creating the best team that we can.

LM: Away from Fix, what are your favourite luxurious destinations in the world?
HON: Having lived away from London for several years, now the luxury of going to any European city for the weekend is high on my list. It is fantastic to be so close to so many incredible and unique places.

LM: What are the future plans and ambitions for Fix London? 
HON: Fix will aim to continue creating the best healthcare team for our clients’ needs and a nurturing environment.

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