Luxurious Magazine Passes 100,000 on Google Plus

Luxurious Magazine Passes 100,000 on Google Plus

It is with a great deal of pride that we announce that Luxurious Magazine has passed the 100,000 figure on Google Plus.

This is a monumental achievement, something that many of the worlds largest and most popular global brands aspire to and have not achieved, this also makes us one of the most popular English language publications in the world. We’re not going to act humbly about reaching this figure, this result happened because of a huge amount of work and planning, imagine creating 10-20 articles with images daily, seven days a week to be posted at all hours to maximise an audience?

It was back in May 2013 when we reached the figure of 10,000 that we decided upon a year-end target of 75,000. This was revised to 85,000 in November, on the 1st of December we stood at 90,025 and then made a decision to concentrate all our efforts on reaching 100,000 by the 10th of December which we have.

Our experience with Google Plus has been extraordinary providing valuable feedback on luxury products, places and services. Aside from being the worlds most popular dedicated luxury magazine on Google Plus, we are also the most popular resource for many specialist areas including watches. This huge following allowed us to run a unique experiment, both Enzo Palazzolo, the Chairman of watch brand Sea-God and Steve Huyton our watch editor are Facebook friends of Luxurious Magazine founder, Paul Godbold. Steve wrote an article about one of Enzo’s watches, a short summary and image was placed upon Google Plus and for a 24 hour period, the article was monitored with bi-hourly updates posted on Paul’s Facebook Page. The end result was in excess of 20,000 views in 22 hours, again, remember that this is one image and a paragraph and a half of text.

You might find this impressive, however, some articles we have published have been read 150-200,000 times in just one day and the number of times our articles are looked at each week generally exceeds one million. Coupled with the huge popularity of our website and an audience of many millions on our luxury sections on selected MSN portals, Luxurious Magazine can boast a reach that is among the largest of any private owned online publications in the world.

We are not certain exactly who was number 100,000 but it was either Doris Carvajal or Joe Nicholson. We are extremely grateful for the magnificent support we have received from our incredible and knowledgeable friends on Google Plus, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you.

Editorial Team

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