Luxurious Magazine talks to Philea Resort General Manager Ronald Choong

During our recent stay at the Philea Resort in Melaka, we grabbed an opportunity to talk to Ronald Choong, the General Manager of this new eco-Resort. You can read the Philea Resort feature by clicking here.

Luxurious Magazine talks to Philea Resort GM Ronald ChoongLuxurious Magazine: Mr.Choong, thank you for taking time out to answer some questions for Luxurious Magazine, if someone who had never been to The Philea Resort asked you describe it to them in a few sentences, what would you say?

Mr.Choong: If you choose to try out something truly unique, Philea resort & Spa would be the most appropriate choice. It is the largest log resort in Malaysia and built beautifully into a natural environment.

Luxurious: In your opinion what some of the things that will make a stay at Philea Resort a memorable and unforgettable experience for your guests?

Mr.Choong: The resort is designed to give our guest a “wow” impression upon his/her arrival at the main lobby. From thereon, we aim to deliver a unique experience that touches on the 5 senses of the guest i.e. the sight, the smell, the taste, the touch and the hearing.

Luxurious: How long has the Philea Resort been open to the public and what type of  involvement have you had in creating this wonderful place?
Mr.Choong: The Resort has been opened since June 2010.I have been lucky enough to participate in the overall concept, planning, and development and now the operation of the property.

Luxurious: Do you/The Philea Resort have a philosophy?
Mr.Choong: The Philea Resort philosophy is aim at providing a truly unique experience to our guest through our level of service; commitment and care.  We have developed a core spirit called the Philea’s Spirit encompassing 7 values in our Greetings, Care, Commitment, Cleanliness, Respect, Fun and  Image.

Luxurious: Do you have any additional services planned over the next couple of years to make your guests stay at the Philea Resort even more pleasurable?

Mr.Choong: We planned to introduce a shuttle bus service and package tours to the guest soon. There are plans to set up more recreational activities  like paintball, archery and other team building games within our own “Forest” team building course. One other area which we are looking into is to upgrade our Wifi services with a fibre optic cabling option.

Luxurious: Tell us more about the Philea resort’s view on Ecology and Sustainability and what materials you have incorporated in around the resort.

Mr.Choong: From the initial construction stage, we have decided to maintain as much as possible the natural terrain of the site by building the log cabin on the level of the slope without undue cutting of the earth. We even built our ballroom, restaurant and meeting rooms using the existing building at site then through it has limited our planning and designing options. We have decided to reuse used railway sleepers not only for recycling purpose but also to blend them into our log house cabin to give our guest a more natural feel. The special lobby bench, reception counter and bar counter are built out of quality wood retrieved from sunken ships.
To ensure the ecology is sustainable, we have planted 3,000 trees in the resort to create a habitat for small creatures and birds. In conjunction with the green concept adopted, we have started projects to  reuse and recycle whenever possible.

Luxurious: Aside from the facilities within the Philea Resort, what other local attractions would you recommend guests to visit?
Mr.Choong: For those who wish to walk, I would recommend the guest to try out the Melaka Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary located just next to our property.
The other places of interest located within short driving distance are the  popular Melaka Zoo, Crocodile Farm, Botanical Garden and the Water Theme  Park.

Luxurious: Thank you for taking some time out of your schedule to talk to us and for your wonderful hospitality during our visit to the Philea Resort

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